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2005 Monthly Posts


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January's Page 

01-12-05  FYI

01-13-05  We went to War Why?

01-28-05 Well the Dem's may have finally found

01-26-05   Facts You Should Know.

01-27-05  Do you Know What a filibuster is?


01-04-05  America Where Have You Gone

01-06-05  The Morning After  

01-12-05  We Need To Work Together 

01-25-05 Silent Thought  

1-30-05  The Divided States Of America… What It Cost?  /  

Thought Of The Day

01-06-05  Let's Call "Tort Reform" By... 

01-12-05   No Surprise Here... 

01-24-05    Did You Know That BushCo...  


01-25-05   On 6-11-01 Bush said "My Administration...

01-14-05 NOW...NOW, Bush is sorry for saying... 


01-14-05 There Are No Weapons Of Mass Destruction...

01-25-05  Condoleezza Rice on3-22-04 said...

Consider This

01-06-05    Why is it that BushCo. keeps taking...

01-11-05   Well today I was Listening to... 

01-14-05   No matter how much fighting will be going on...

01-25-05  There Will Be A Election In Iraq No Matter What

01-28-05  Trickle What?



February's Page


02-23-05  What A Tangled Web We Weave…  

2-09-005  Now They Eat Each Other  

Thought Of The Day

02-09-05   What Ever Happened To... 


02-09-05  Dick Cheney Said " I Had a...


02-09-05  Bush Said " The British government...

Don't Use FDR to Undermine Social Security by James Roosevelt Jr.



March's Page

03-01-05 I GUESS THE THEORY...


03-2-05 The False Prophets Among Us   

03-21-05 Duplicity In Action

Thought Of The Day

03-13-05  When You Hear Bush Talk About...

03-04-05  We The People of the United States...


03-01-05  Bush said on 11/27/02 "We must...


03-01-05  Bush said on 3-1-03 " One of our priorities...

My truth by Giuliana Sgrena



April's Page


04-05-05    Free Pass

04-14-05  It’s Time That We Question The Changes At Air America Radio.

4-20-05 Update to story Above

Thought Of The Day

04-06-05  Pharmacists Who Now Decide Not To...


04-16-05  On 5-2-03 George the III said " Major combat operations has ended"...


04-16-16  George The III said on "I will take every possible measure to safeguard our country" ...

Consider This

4-16-05  When you George the III talk about making tax cuts permanent for the wealthy don't...


04-28-05  The Frauds of the Clergy


May's Page


05-08-05    Bridge For Sale

05-15-05  When Is Enough, Enough

Thought Of The Day

05-05-05   Did You Know That Hidden Away In The Defense...


05-08-05    Tucked away in the 2,000-page budget plan passed last...


05-08-05   Arctic drilling will not reduce U.S. dependence...

Consider This

05-08-05   In The BBC a member of Tony Blair's party came...



June's Page

06-14-05  An Idea To Take Back Our Government In The Next Election

06-15-05  For Those of  You That Think Your Free!

06-16-06  The Truth Is Starting To Come Out ...

06-16-05  Further proof that the Idea can work to take back our...

06-26-05  Up date to "Idea To Take Back Our Government" published on 06-14-05

06-29-05   After 117 words in on a 3,641 word speech, it only took Bush 55 seconds to play the 911 card

06-30-05  It looks Like Bush is at it again Repeating The 1Propaganda! 


06-20-05 They Died So Republicans Could Take the Senate

July's Page

07-18-05   Basically the new Republican House Plan For Social...

07-19-05   We Now Have the Next Big Distraction From the Bush Administration

07-21-05  House and Senate Democrats, plan their own forum Friday

07-21-05  Washington Post Above The Fold ...Valerie Plame's Name Was Marked Secret In The Memo

07-28-05  CAFTA Passed By 2 Votes  Republicans hold the vote open illegally to

07-30-05      Something I read at...How did all these fireworks how you can help expose the lies of George W. Bush


07-08-05     The Question Now Is...What Country Will Tony Blair Invade?

07-21-05    Just Something You Should Consider

Thought Of The Day

07-04-05   The Truth Is Starting To Come Out That Over 9,000

07-24-05   You Want To Wake Up From This Nightmare? Then We Need To Impeach George

Consider This

07-10-05  We Are All Nothing But Cannon Farter To Those


07-23-05 TreasonGate - What Did Bush Know, And When Did He Know It?

August's Page

08-03-05   From Thom Hartmann To Bill To Randi To Howard Dean.

 08-09-05 Cindy Sheehan is bravely demanding Bush explain why her son died

08-09-05  Bush On Propaganda CLICK HERE

08-10-05  Something You Can Do To Support Cindy Sheehan

Do You Want Answers As To What Is Happening In Our Country's…

My truth By Giuliana Sgrena. The story from the Italian News Reporter Herself

8-14-05    I have decided to take it to the next level

08-29-05 At first I did not want to say anything about Pat


08-09-05  Bits And Pieces...


08-30-05  George W. Bush's Noble Cause - 'Political Capital'

08-15-05   Jefferson Would Have Stood With Cindy Sheehan

September's Page

09-05 05 Use This Link To Send A Message To The Senate

09-11-05 The Method of Operation (MO) of Bush Co

09-12-05 Guess Who Is Taking Away Your Guns?


09-21-05    Something else about Bush and the Davis Bacon act has

09-22-05    What If The Charge Of Vote Fixing Proves To Be True?  

09-27-05  Mike Brown Is back at FEMA (See) and his job....

09-27-05  Bush And This Administration Now Wants To Use The Military Option On American Citizens

09-27-05  The Justice Department and the Security and Exchange commission is looking at Bill Frits

09-27-05   Bush Has A New Energy Policy... We need to save gas by carpooling.

09-29-05   National Guard Short 2/3 Of The Equipment Needed For Homeland Security

09-29-05  Karen Hughes Told In no Uncertain Terms, they do not

09-29-05   Tom Delay Helps The Republican Party Make History by



09-06-05    IT'S TIME FOR THEM TO GO !

09-24-04    The Wrong Choice

Thought Of The Day

09-02-05      From The Red Cross Web Site...........Why is the Red Cross not in New Orleans?

09-12-05     "Four million NRA members intend to stop this unconstitutional power grab." 


09-11-05   "You Can't Govern if You Don't Believe in Government"


October's Page

10-01-05  Just a thought.  This week an interesting static came out

10-01-05  Interesting Prospective. 

10-04-05   Just A Few Points About Louisiana And Katrina

10-04-05   Who is Harriet Miers?

10-04-05   GAO Ruled That The Government Cannot Pay For Fake News

10-04-05   A second Texas Grand Jury Had Now Indicted Tom Delay,

10-05-05  A look at the eccomy from a different point of view.

10-05-05  The most recent Associated Press-Ipsos poll showed only 37 percent

10-06-05   1918 Killer Flu 'Came From Birds

10-06-05  Bush To Veto For The First Time A

10-07-05  Fact To Ponder.

10-07-05 "God told me to invade Iraq", Bush tells

10-07-05 Karl Rove To Be Questioned For The 4th Time

10-07-05  On Bush And His Speech Of Fear,

10-08-05 New Poll Numbers For Bush Even After The Speech Of Fear..

10-08-05  35 Thousand Is The Current Claim of job losses By The Bus Administration

10-08-05  The Bush, Rove Plan For Reconstruction Labor In New Orleans...Hire

10-08-05  Bush Plan Shows U.S. Is Not Ready for Deadly Flu

10-10-05  Energy bill OKd in vote GOP, Measure Scrapes

10-11-05  After Listening To NBC "Foe News" I've Come To The Conclusion,

10-11-05  It's Beginning To Look Like More Campaign Terror Threats 

10-11-05  More Military Action Planned For American Citizens By Bush And

10-12-05  Blind Trust Or Blind Logic, Or Just Plane Blind?

10-12-05 Tom Delay Using Typical Republican Tactics And

0-13-05  SEC Issues Subpoena To Frist,

10-13-05  With 50% Unemployment In Iraq Halliburton Is Importing Labor,

10-14-05  From Knock Off To  Subsidies.


10-14-05   Al Gore May Be Convinced To Run Again.

10-17-05   Two for Harriet Miers closest friends, both

10-17-05  Time line Of A Leak

10-17-05    "Valerie Flame?"

10-18-05  Cheney may be target of probe.

10-18-05  Pentagon has created an illegal database of 30 million 16-25 year-olds,....

10-19-05 Hurricane Wilma Went From A Tropical Storm To A Class 5 Hurricane Overnight,...

10-19-05   Harriet E. Miers Backed Ban on Abortion in 1989 Campaign,...

10-19-05  Senate Panel Drops Plan to Cut Back Food Program,...

10-19-05  Bush Pushes again for Immigrant-Worker Plan,...

10-20-05   We Now Know, That Bush Knew, That...

10-20-05  No Rise in Minimum Wage,

10-20-05   Another Blow To Economy Has Arrived.

10-21-05  Pet Projects Stay, While Cutting Detecting Home

10-21-05 National Guard Has Only 34% Of Their Equipment For

10-21-05   3.2% Of Insurgents On Iraq Are Foreign Fighters,  

10-24-05  This is something that I could not have said better myself,

10-24-05  Republicans Doing What They Do Best,

10-24-05 List of Foiled Plots Puzzling to Some

10-25-05 The Whitehouse Still Insists That They Need To Use Torture

10-25-05 Today Marked The Death Of 2000 Americans In The Fighting In Iraq.

10-27-05   This Is A Link To Patrick J. Fitzgerald Special Counsel http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/iln/osc/ 

10-28-05  Ohio 04 Election Trail Still In The News

10-28-05 As Of October 27 2005 The Price of Crude Was $61.09 a Barrel

10-28-05   Exxon Has Just Posted The The Largest Profit Of Any Corporation In The History Of The Entire Planet.

10-28-05  "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Fitzmass", Libby Receives 5 Counts.

10-29-05  Of the 650,thousand tons of heavy explosives that Saddam Hussein had

10-29-05 Bush Administration Backs Down On Davis Bacon

10-30-05 Here Is something From Back In 2004 That Is Worth Watching Again Now That It's Fitzmass Time

10-31-05  The Party Of Life (The Republicans) Voted On Friday To Remove 300,000 people from the food stamp program

10-31-05  U.N. Inspectors Are Invited to Guantanamo Bay  The U.S. has invited three U.N. human rights experts to...


10-20-05  What A Tangled Web They Weave

10-23-05  Grab Hold, And Don’t Let Go George

Thought Of The Day

10-23-05  The Average Health Care Plan Costs The Average Family

Consider This

0-23-05   In A Word…DIVERSION Is My Take On Harriett Miers,



November's Page

11-01-05  If you need to know anything all about Samuel Alito political leanings

11-01-05  Look For The New Art Greenwald Movie on Wal-Mart. "The High Cost Of Low Prices"

11-02-05  It Just May Be In Tom Delays Over Zealots Need To Be In Control may be the undoing of himself

11-02-05  CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons, The Washington Post reported today

11-04-05  Bush's Job Approval Numbers Are Now 35% However

11-04-05  Senate Votes To Trim Medicare, Farm Subsidies, and Drill The Caribou, The budget bill,

11-07-05  Rather Than Fire Karl Rove The White House ORDERED, Karl To Take A Remedial Ethics Class

11-07-05  More Bad News About Jobs, There was only 56.000 new jobs in

11-07-05 Now That The Patriot Act was Renewed In the Middle Of The Night While You Were Sleeping, some alarming

11-10-05 Lindsey Gram To Introduce A Bill Today To Eliminate Habeas Corpus, for anyone in Guantonamo bay

11-10-05  The Republicans In Congress Will Not Call A Hearing To See If Bush Lied About The War, They refuse

11-10-05  Marriages Of Any Kind Is Now Illegal In Texas, in their race to ban

11-13-05  And The Lies Go On This week on Meet The Press Ken- the Talking Point-Mehlman

11-15-05 Yesterday It Was The Democrats Fault For The Iraq War, According To Bush, because they believed Bush's Lies

11-17-05  More Republican Lies, The Republicans Voted To Scrap The $442 Billion On The Alaska Bridge to nowhere,

11-17-05  Anatomy Of A Lie In PDF From 2004 By  UNITED STATES HOUSE

11-17-05  Complaints To The FCC 23,577 Amount Of Actual People Complaining 6

11-17-05  Sheehan Planning Return To Bush Ranch For Thanksgiving, in spite of the new County

11-18-05 Today Is The Day That The "Swift Boating" Of John P. Murtha A Highly Decorated Vietnam,  Veteran

11-20-05   Patrick J. Fitzgerald Said On Friday That He Would Use A New Grand Jury In His Continuing Investigation.


11-23-05  First Schmidt Said In Congress And I Quote: "A few minutes ago, I received a call from...

11-23-05  Oil Deal With Venezuela  President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela signed an agreement on Tuesday

11-25-05 From We, the People to our public servants: This isn't what we ordered. Send it back.

11-28-05  The New Deception... Core Inflation. We keep hearing inflation is still under control, and yet when you go to buy...

11-28-05  The New Deception... Core Inflation. We keep hearing inflation is still under control

11-29-05 Where In The World Is Scott McClellan? He Is Conducting Press Conferences Via The

11-29-05 The Short List Of Where The Republican Loyally Lie, and Where They Are Leading America. 


11-13-05  Economy 101

Thought Of The Day

11-28-05 The Question To Republicans And Evanggenelis Christians Isn’t “Where Are Your Brains”,



Consider This



December's Page

12-01-05  Troop withdrawal? Things To Consider Before You Start Celebrating…

12-02-05  GM To Add 30% To Work Force In India While Laying off 30,000 Americans here at home.

12-02-05  Has The Fear Propaganda Gotten So Bad That We Now Are Demanding To Loose Our Freedoms?  

12-03-05  Bush's speech at the Naval Academy (Alt Link) in Annapolis, Maryland yesterday.

12-04-05 Just How Long Will The Last Throes LAST! 

12-07-05 Coincidences or Planned Why Is it when the number of troops killed on any one day

12-07-05 How Long Do We continue To Turn A Blind Eye To The Appalling Behavior,

12-09-05 The House Of “Republicans” Is Now Trying To Run The Seniti. 

12-09-05 Mega Churches Cancel Christmas If It Falls On A Sunday

12-09-05 This is a story From The NY Times Entitled, “Rice Appears to Reassure Some Europeans on Treatment of 

12-14-05 BREAKING : Due to contractual non-performance and security design issues, Leon County (Florida)

12-15-05 Novak , Outs Bush As Knowing The Source Of The Leak

12-16-05  What Ever Happened To “I’m not going to comment on an ongoing investigations.”

12-16-05 Bush Is Agreeing To Abuse Detainees With McCain’s Blessings

12-20-05  Bush Is Now Trying To Use The Nixon and 911 Defenses. From The NY Times...

12-22-05   From The N.S.A. "Court Order Required "We are, I would offer

12-22-05  This Is A Quote For Today "Now, by the way, any time you hear

12-24-05  From The NY Times: “Spy Agency Mined Vast Data Trove, Officials Report”.

12-28-05  Download Some Reading Material For Your Holiday Traveling.

12-28-05  Economic Slowdown On The Way According To Market.

12-28-05 Listen Very Closely To The Defense That Bush And Cheney Are Using To Spy On Americans.


12-12-05 Republican Plan For 06...Elect The Democrats

12-18-05 Drunk With Power Or Just Plane Delusional

Thought Of The Day



Consider This

12-01-05  Troop withdrawal? Things To Consider Before You Start Celebrating

12-28-05 Why Is It That Bush And The Republicans Always




  Carry Or Wear The Constitution Where Ever You Go


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