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May 2005


Bridge For Sale

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  05-08-05

We vote against our own best interest based on the lure that we are all rich people in waiting not realizing that we have given…not sold our best hope of ever becoming rich to the very people that now hold our lives captured, and in doing so have given our children into a kind of slavery to these very people.

We are fooled into believe the easy lie rather then the hard truth. "We the people" was given the power over the corporations by our Founding Fathers, but through a series of deceitful lies by the corporation owners they have slowly taken our power over to themselves.

THINK About This…

If 90% of all the money of this country is now in the hands of less than 1% of the population, that means that just over 99% of the people must now share the remaining 10%, so with that in mind just how do you expect to ever be one of the rich people? There just is not enough money left for that to ever happen, as things are set up now.

So why do some of you vote for policies that benefit only the wealthiest 7,000 people in the country? You or your children can never have a hope of attaining even a small fraction of the money with the current laws. Do you think for just one second that after spending years and billions of dollars bribing, anyone who could help them get it, do you think that they will now willingly share it with you? If that’s the case why go through all that trouble to get it. It was far cheaper to just let you have it in the first place.

So I ask you this again, why do some of you vote to make laws that benefit the rich, because you think that you’re a rich person in waiting?

That means that when a political representative does not serve us "We the people: as a whole than they must be replaced. When they run for election or reelection we must examine their record of deeds, and not their advertising of what they want you think.

We have lost too many of our precious freedoms that our Founding Fathers have given to us and it is time to take them back. We have lost them through deceitful lies of a divide and conquer strategy.

The truth is that we all can make it if we stand together with our neighbors and defend their rights even if we do not subscribe to their belief, because in doing so we defend our own rights to freedom and liberty. A Freedom taken from one will eventually lead to a freedom taken from us all. We must defend our neighbor’s rights because in doing so we defend our own, for when any one’s rights are taken away without a fight, ours will most assuredly be next. (Pastor Niemoller said it best) We as free people have strength in numbers.

We must work to strengthen our unions, and bring unions to as many work places that we can. Imagine the power we would have together, rather than one lonely voice. In numbers we have the power that is why through out history when the ternary became too oppressive it was ended by the masses rising up to band together to say loudly and resoundingly



Unions give us that strength but without the violence. Think of it as Gandhi on steroids.

It may seem that perhaps the Founder Fathers were right, and "We the people" should not have direct power to elect a president because we are too willing to be lead, and not think for ourselves. I think that the answer is not as simple as that. I think that we have all been sold to, and become victims of mass advertising. We believe the twisted campaign commercials, rather than the truth, because of the way it is presented. We do not think or question.

For example the other day the news had a story that went something like this. "Good news if you are going to buy a house, the housing market has become more affordable for the third consecutive month".

This is not good news to anyone, especially when interest rates are steadily going up, and I will tell you why. If the home is more affordable for the third month in a row that means that the cost of homes are going down for three months in a row. For those of you that own a home, the value of your biggest asset is going down. It is going down faster than you think because the interest cost to buy it has been going up, which means if it is more affordable in spite of the increasing cost to finance it, then the core value is droping even more. If you are buying the home now you will be buying on the down side of the curve, which means that in the coming months, you will find that you have paid too much. It’s like buying that new desk for your home 3 months ago only to find it now on sale for half the cost. Don’t you hate when that happens? Well it is happening now to your home whether you own it or are about to buy it, you are about to be screwed. But according to the news. This is "good news". Right… Well then I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

We must learn to deconstruct the news to see what is behind the double talk. News is now a tool for advertising, because the major broadcasting networks are owned by the major corporations, and now the news is expected to be profitable, and to do so they need to sell it, and to sell it they need to manipulate it. To not give you too much bad news, and where ever possible turn that, Pigs Ear into a Silk Purse.

By:  William A. Peary   05-8-05

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


When Is Enough, Enough

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  05-15-05

It’s funny that we all spout off about how we all love our children but yet we vote in political leaders that lead us into an unjust war. A War that puts our children in harms way for the profit of large corporations. We vote in Political leaders that saddle our children with a financial burden, making it even harder to achieve the American dream. These very same political leaders send our children’s future jobs over seas. We all know that the Reagan concept of economics was a dismal failure, In Fact it was labeled “Voodoo Economics” By George Bush Senior, but do you realize that we are paying over 100 billion this year in interest on the debt he, Ronald Reagan gave us… and we will continue to do so for many more years to come. Now add that debt that Bush Jr. is amassing and we are abusing our children and children yet to be born with that debt. A debt, that in reality is passing away our security. A Debt that is the passing away out freedom of Financial security… and we are giving it to the top 1% of our population. All the while we are saying that we cannot afford a national health care system. While we spend 1 Billion dollars a week in a war in Iraq. We cannot afford a minimum wage, while we allow our social security trust fund to be filled with IOU’s so that the money can be used to give all our money to that top 1% that does not need it.

When Is Enough, Enough.

How Long Will You Bush Supporters Support A Proven Liar And A Thief?

How Long Will You Be A Willing Party To The Destruction Of America?

I Am tired of all the bull about how people keep saying, “I like Bush because he is down to earth”. “I think that we should support Bush because he is our president and should be respected”. “We must support president Bush because we are at war”.

You Bitched about Clinton and a blowjob in the Whitehouse… consensual sex between two people. Yes he was married, but that is none of your business. That’s between Clinton and his wife…Not You! Yes he lied about it, and so what! At least when he lied no one died!

If it’s sex with someone your not married to that gets you mad then you should really be enraged to no end with George W. Bush, because he is having sex with an entire country, by screwing us all in the ass.

Bush lied about almost everything he has ever said! His lies have cost over 1,600 American sons, and daughters, and fathers and mothers, lives. There are over 25,000 seriously wounded Americans. There are now over 2,800 Iraq civilians dead because Bush Lied! The proof is now there printed in the London times where Bush and Blair conspired to fix the intelligence to prove a case for war, and planed to start the war just prior to the midterm elections so that the republicans would gain more seats based on the belief of a Hitler style nationalism.

First the truth comes out that Enron one of his biggest supporters takes out millions of peoples life savings, and then nothing happens, OH excuse me he locks up Martha Stewart who only screwed herself. And The CEO’s of Enron are still free after stealing Billions. But wasn’t it a great story to use to install Arnold as the new governor? And did Arnold fix the problems?

    We then find out that no mater how you count the votes in Florida when you count the entire state that Al Gore won the Election. The man who said that States should govern them selves uses John Bolton to stop the counting while he runs off to the Supreme court who later admits they were wrong and did not belong in the middle of the election, too little too late.

We blame Clinton for not getting Bin Laden but we never blame the people who created him… who funded him…who trained him… That is George Bush Sr. Ronald Reagan, Dick Chaney, and Don Rumsfeld.

    I Say Again Who Is Worse The Person Who Did Not Catch Him, Or The Person Who Created Him!!!!

    Why is it that we get outraged after The USS Coles blaming Clinton for not getting Bin Laden, because it happened on his watch?




Bin Laden wanted us out of Saudi Arabia and guess what, WE LEFT! Why is it no one is pissed off at Bush for giving in to a terrorist demands!

    Look at the facts not the propaganda from Fox news and the rest of the corporate media. It is not the Liberal media, just look at what they are reporting and how. They praise George Bush and his programs that are supporting corporations and destroying any liberal programs, created over the last 30 years. How can you call them liberal when they remain silent, or say very little or worse yet support the dismantling the programs?


    We get told one lie after another, after another, after another, after another, after another, and when the truth comes out this administration covers it up with some other fake news story, while the truth is buried away in the middle of the paper, and not reported on the broadcast news.  

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State." - Joseph Goebbels 

Then all members of the administration as well as their talking heads like Rush and Fox (Faux) News, repeat the same points over and over and over all day every day.

"The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over"- Joseph Goebbels 

    They destroy our largest investment funds; they stop citizens from claiming bankruptcy. Now no matter what the reason if you cannot pay your bills and you claim bankruptcy you must pay back every penny you owe, except if you're wealthy, then you can send your money over seas in investment accounts, then claim bankruptcy and not pay back anything…oh and keep your money in the over seas accounts. You want proof; just days ago United Airlines says we cannot pay our bills, and we are going to default on our pension plan, and the courts say it’s ok. Why can’t they pay their bills, why is it the Ceo’s get to keep their 4.5 million dollar a year paycheck? Because the new laws let them off the hook. All this from the people that want to eliminate Social Security! The people that let companies steal our pension funds. That let companies steal our pension funds from investment accounts like Enron and World Com.

    This at a time when Bush wants to get rid of social security, in a vendetta that goes back to Grand daddy Prescott Bush, who lost his bank under FDR, SEE: http://www.gatt.org/bushhitler.html because Prescott Bush did not want to stop doing business with Adolph Hitler During World War II. The Pay- back is to destroy the country, which is happening now. SEE: http://www.tupbiosystems.com/articles/bush_nazi.html

Connect the dots  She-pulls! (Sheep People)

    Here is another strange thing. Ever since 2003 people at Bush rallies who disagree with Bush, have been lead out by people in black suits. These Black Suits refuse to say what branch of the government they are in. They are given full control even by the local police. The reason given for removal of people is that they were privately funded meetings, and they had the right to remove any one they choose. Funny, but this practice is still going on at Bush Social Security rallies, which are funded by taxpayers and by law they should be allowed to stay. I have heard people describe the Black Suits as possible Republican Party leaders, or private security

I have a different take… Bush has resurrected his own SS?  


By:  William A. Peary   05-15-05

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


Thought Of The Day

05-05-05   Did You Know That Hidden Away In The Defense Budget Bill Is The Clause For Adding A National ID Card??? If You Vote Against It You Will Be Accused Of Not Supporting The Troops!!!! We Loose Another Freedom By Supporting Our Troops!!!!! Can You Say Let Me See Your Papers???? This Was The Phrase Used On its Citizens By Germany Just Before World War II.



05-08-05    Tucked away in the 2,000-page budget plan passed last week by both houses of Congress are three short sentences that could eliminate every federal program that protects public health, the environment, investors, worker's rights and many more.

As described by journalist Osha Gray Davidson in the April 21st Rolling Stone, a proposed "Sunset Commission" could enable the president to eliminate any agency he dislikes -- leaving the American people at the mercy of big business.



05-08-05   Arctic drilling will not reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

Arctic drilling will not reduce oil prices.

Not all ANWR oil is economically viable
Over 7 billion barrels of oil are technically recoverable (if money is not an issue) in the wildlife refuge. The amount that is economically viable is much lower. Another cost problem is transportation of crude oil to the lower 48 states. Western refineries will be at capacity when drilling commences in the refuge. The majority of other refineries are in Texas, meaning the oil would have to be shipped from Alaska down through the Panama Canal back up to Texas. Some experts suggest that this makes the oil more likely to be sold to Asia rather than the U.S  .See Note 1 Below

Environmental impact far greater than administration claims
The Bush Administration claims that new advances in technology will minimize the ecological impact of drilling, causing only a 2,000-acre "footprint."

The "footprint" includes buildings, pipelines and other related facilities-- but only where they touch ground. In fact, pipelines will cover hundreds of miles of the Refuge, and only their support posts are counted toward the 2,000-acre total. Gravel mines and roads were not counted.


Note(1) http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002245699_export17m.html 


Consider This

05-08-05   In The BBC a member of Tony Blair's party came forward with an charge that George W. Bush and Tony Blair planed to invade Iraq and planned a story to sell it to the world. Can you say High Crimes and Misdemeanors? Can you say this is real grounds to impeach George W. Bush as set fourth in the Constitution.


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