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Feb 2005


What A Tangled Web We Weave…  

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  02-23-05   

    Ok! Now you know that I have on more than one occasion have questioned mainstream media about their less than complete reporting of the facts. You know that I have written about the fact that many people out there do not take the time to find out what is going on beyond their TV news reports. Well here is a little test; consider it a game of charades with words instead of actions. The topic is something that has occupied the progressive media for the last 3 weeks.

            First Clue… Jeff Gannon, AKA James Dale Guckert. Ring any Bells?

No? Then let’s move on.

            Second Clue... Talon News?

Still drawing a blank?

Third Clue… Endeavor Media Group

Nothing yet?

            Fourth Clue… Whitehouse_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Fill in the blank.

This shouldn’t be hard if mainstream media is as forthcoming as you think it is.

Fifth Clue… Valerie Plame. This is an easy one and you should know.

But what is the connection?

Last Clue…Scott McClellan

If you seem to be drawing a blank then I suggest that you abandon mainstream media and seek out some progressive, or Liberal news outlet.

Why? Well let me give you the readers digest version.

Jeff Gannon, AKA, James Dale Guckert, AKA, J. Daniels has had access to the Whitehouse and attended press corps briefing, as a press reporter, for Talon news. The quirky thing is that he got his press pass as a reporter before Talon news existed. Talon News' did not EXIST until Mar 29 2003. You want proof. How about a C-pan Screen shot.

from the Feb. 28, 2003 WH press conference on C-SPAN:  

Talon News is run by GOPUSA, a conservative group, but the odd connection is Gannon’s connections to male escort services, and male homosexual web sights which have all been shut down and put up for sale after he was outted by progressive news groups.

When asked Scott McClellan said he only recently became aware that Guckert was actually Gannon. There are stories as reported in winnipeg.indymedia.org, that McClellan had frequented several gay bars in Austin, Texas. James Guckert received preferential treatment by the Whitehouse, which allowed him to bypass security protocol. Scott McClellan gave Gannon his press pass. Ari Fleischer however, Scott’s predecessor gave Gannon his pass after removing them from Sarah McClendon a long-time correspondent.

As to Valerie Plame, a classified State Department file was given to Guckert by the Administration in 2003, that refers to the investigation of Joseph Wilson a former U.S. Ambassador. Wilson who met with the CIA. after being sent to Niger to investigate the Whitehouse claims of Iraq buying yellowcake. After  finding the claim to be a lie soon after a still unnamed source in the Whitehouse leaked Wilson’s wife name to the media, which exposed her and could have possibly caused her as well as other agents deaths.

To digress a minute… about that story Bob Novak was the one who put the story out to the public. To date the Whitehouse is trying to lock up every one else who might have known who told, everyone that is except Bob Novak, who spread the story. So let’s get this straight, Novak puts out the story. Novak knows who told him the information, and blabbed it. The other reporters may have been told the information but chose to remain silent and say nothing. So in this brave new world ob BushCo we allow the one who blabbed to remain free and he locks up the ones who did the right thing and said nothing.

Back to Gannon, then at a press conference he lobs a softball question to Bush, stating that he is quoting Senator Clinton but is actually quoting from Rush Limbaugh Talking points from the day before. That the next day Rush admits was his talking point and is flattered, that Gannon used it. Oh did I mention The website, Jeffgannon.com is registered by a Delaware corporation, which has also registered a number of other Republican based web sites, which all cater to male escort services, as well as espousing gay military themes. Gives the term strange bedfellows a whole new meaning. Both TalonNews.com and GOPUSA.com are registered to the Endeavor Media Group LLC, in Houston, TX. The Bedrock Corporation is of course, owned by James Guckert/Jeff Gannon. Bedrock Corporation is the registrar for many websites, which include Jeffgannon.com, Militaryescorts.com, hotmilitarystud.com, Exposejessejackson.com, militaryescortsm4m.com, and the conservativeguy.com, among others. "J. Daniels", another alias used by Guckert, is listed as the administrative contact for Bedrock Corporation.

Just one Question! Why has the Whitehouse made such a big stink over gay rights, while using gay people, who openly condemn other gay people, while they make money from the people that they condemn?

And you thought that you were outraged about Clinton and Monica? That was a private situation. This is a twisted group of people creating a fake news media to influence the mainstream news that twists the news to suit their sick purposes.

Yes this is true; you just can’t make this stuff up.

Truth is stranger than fiction.

P.S. If this is news to you then you really need to use my links page to go to Air America  Radio , Common Dreams, Mother Jones, Or any other Progressive news sight and spread the word. And If you have the time Try to listen to Air America Radio, Or to The Thom Hartmann show.


By: William A. Peary 02-23-05

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


Now They Eat Each Other  

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  2-09-005

    Because 90% of the wealth is now concentrated in that top 1% of the people of this country, Corporate greed has now set it's sights on each other. They already have or will have most of the remaining 10% of the wealth that you have, by selling you stuff on credit, and they control the credit, so just what do you own? Rented is more like it and sometimes you are still paying for it long after the item is broken and thrown away.

    I am sure you heard of the mergers last week. Do you find that just a little odd? The phone company was a monopoly and it was forced to break up because of that, sure we all complained about it and some of us even pined for the days before the break up, but do you really? Do you remember that you could not buy your own phone before the break up and you had to rent it from the phone company? Do you remember that if you wanted a second phone you just did not go down to the local store, buy it and just take it home and plug it in. Oh no, you had to call the phone company and they had to do it, and of course charge you for the service to install it and then bill you each and every month for the second phone. As you can see that with monopoly comes control over your freedom. Now you can buy what ever phone you want when you want and out where you want, not to mention that the price of a call especially long distance is far cheaper, one of the few things that had gone down. But how long do you think that will last? With the recent merger that puts us back to only about 3 major phone companies. With no competition come higher prices. With mergers the only people to make out are the companies, because inevitable mergers mean layoffs.

    What I have noticed is that most of the time companies merge the stocks go down, then when they announce job cuts the stock prices go up. So let's think about that for one minute. Larger corporations, joining forces telling you that they are doing it to better service their customers, and then their stock prices go down.  Of course the heads of the company receive a large bonus for crafting the deal. Then without saying a word they slowly raise prices of their goods and services to pay for the cost of the new acquisition, so much for the concept that the merger will be good for their customers. Last they announce the layoff of a large percent of their workers citing not needing as many people to perform due to job duplication. Then the stock prices go up, the pay back to the wealthy shareholders for voting in their own best interest and not the workers or their customers.

    And so the race to own it all is now underway, and without government regulations, which have every so slowly been being dismantled since the 1980's, there is little left to stop them.

   Or maybe there is?

    Another interesting thing is that with the rise of corporations new found power over government. Government has become less and less responsive to it's citizens. Why do you think that is? It is following the same model as the shareholders in the corporations, voting for what is their own best interest. Not you the citizens. Somehow they forgot that they are public servants and became servants to the money. 

    What everyone has forgotten is the words of Benito Mussolini "The successful merger of corporate and state is the foundation of *1Fascism". 

    Our Founding Fathers knew the influence and the destructive power corporations could have on it's citizens, "we the people". Up until the 1980's corporations were kept at bay, until through their money they began to change the laws.

    The laws must be changed back so we can take back our country. We cannot allow *1Fascism to raise it's ugly head in this country.

If you read the definition you will see just how close we are becoming to becoming a Fascist state, fostered by the current administration rhetoric.


By: William A. Peary 02-09-05

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com   

*1 fas·cism (făshʹĭz´əm) noun

1. Often Fascism a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism. b. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.  


Thought Of The Day

02-09-05   What Ever Happened To WANTED! Osma Bin Laden Dead OR Alive!.... Why does BushCo Get A Free Pass But The Republican Noise Machine Screamed For Bill Clintons head For Not Getting Osma After One Year? BushCo Has had Nearly 4 Years and Billions Of Dollars With No Bin Laden.  



02-09-05  Dick Cheney Said " I Had a firm policy (at Halliburton) that we wouldn't do anything in Iraq, not even legal arrangements" 7-30-00

There have been billions of dollars of dealings by Halliburton in Iraq while Cheney was still CEO at Halliburton and since he became Vice-president.  Washington Post, 1/2/03



02-09-05  Bush Said " The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought uranium from Africa 1/28/03

As our CIA told the White House at the time, Hussein did not try to obtain uranium from Africa. New Your times, 7/19/03


Don't Use FDR to Undermine Social Security
by James Roosevelt Jr.

IN HIS inaugural address, President George W. Bush invoked the name of my grandfather, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, as part of his campaign to privatize Social Security. Similarly, a political organization supporting that drastic change recently ran a television commercial using a newsreel clip showing President Roosevelt signing the Social Security Act into law. The implication that FDR would support privatization of America's greatest national program is an attempt to deceive the American people and an outrage.

President Roosevelt founded Social Security for very basic but important reasons. He believed that the only enemy that could ever defeat the United States was fear itself. He and my grandmother, Eleanor, looked at America and found fear of want -- particularly after retirement or loss of a parent. Today, thanks in large part to Social Security, the number of older Americans below the poverty line has dropped from almost 50 percent to only 8 percent.

FDR believed that Social Security should be simple, guaranteed, fair, earned, and available to all Americans. President Roosevelt was adamant that Social Security was an insurance program to provide basic needs in retirement.

As a former Wall Street lawyer, my grandfather fully supported the opportunity of every American to have fair investment opportunities. But Social Security was -- and is -- something different. It was -- and is -- the guaranteed basis of a secure retirement. The risk is that future retired Americans will lose that assurance if the guaranteed benefit is eliminated. Drastic changes that divert the payroll tax to privatization will almost certainly eliminate that guaranteed benefit by crippling the ability to pay benefits, imposing trillions of dollars of new costs on the government and creating massive federal debt. Privatization threatens to bring about the collapse of the entire Social Security system.

FDR was realistic about the need to adapt Social Security as the workforce evolved. In my office I have his original handwritten note to my father outlining the principles I've just discussed. By the time the program was enacted in 1935, the details were quite different. But the principles remained the same.

Throughout the six successful decades of Social Security, it has been adjusted in both benefits and revenues. But it has continued to observe FDR's principles of a secure, guaranteed retirement income provided by an insurance system that all workers pay for. Then, as now, the key to taking the fear out of the Social Security debate is speaking truthfully. Instead, the proponents of privatization have not only misused the name and image of my grandfather, they have mischaracterized undisputed facts to create a phony impetus for abandonment of the program.

Those who are seeking immediate, drastic change should recognize that even the Social Security trustees appointed by the president agree that Social Security with no changes could pay full benefits until 2042, even under pessimistic assumptions about economic growth. They should recognize that the Congressional Budget Office says that Social Security with no changes could pay full benefits until 2052. They should recognize that even then benefits would be cut only about 25 percent if there were no changes, not nearly as drastically as most private account proposals would cut them. The lies and half-truths from the proponents of privatization must stop.

Most of all, the creation of fear by the unjustified use of words like "crisis" and "bankruptcy" is destructive of a reasonable debate about what adjustments to Social Security will ensure the payment of full benefits throughout the 21st century. Every honest person knows that there is no crisis, there is no threat of bankruptcy, and that what is needed are adjustments, not drastic measures like privatization. Just as bad is the use of terms like "worthless IOUs" to describe US Treasury bonds held by the trust fund. These are scare tactics designed to create fear.

These attempts to divide grandparents, parents, and children are an attack on the most successful program this country has ever had. Social Security unites the interests of my parents' generation, my contemporaries, and my children's generation. It can be strengthened with incremental changes. To achieve that, the Congress and the White House must work together -- without ideological agendas. FDR's goal of freedom from fear can be preserved by truthful, reasonable negotiation that is free of false implications and misrepresentation.

James Roosevelt Jr. is a lawyer and former associate commissioner of Social Security.




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