The Enlightment


NEW INSTALLMENT #12 06-01-20213  

Dr. David E. Martin   At the International-Covid-Summit-III-part-1-European-Parliament-Brussels

As Dr. David E. Martin, once stated, "but wait... it gets worse."

@13:00 to 34:20,  Dr. David E. Martin begins his statement.


 NEW INSTALLMENT #11   05-31-2023

Deposition of Dr. Richard M Fleming

05-31-2023 at end of "The Enlightenment" 


NEW INSTALLMENT #10 02-06-2022 at end of "The Enlightenment"  NOTE: For this story installments will be continued to be added to the last installment so as to preserve the information as it is added. This is for those that are new to this story it is presented this way, so as not to start at the end of the book so to speak, and by starting at the beginning makes it easer to digest. For those that are regular readers thank you for your understanding.


David E. Martin PhD. 11-11-2022


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich LL.M. (UCLA) Lawyer 11-14-2022



Black Box Voting 

 Judge threatens gag order on lawsuit to restore ballot privacy -

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