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2004 Editorial Posts


Am I The Only One

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  12-17-04   

    Am I the only one that thinks that BushCo. has duped at least 1/4 of the population with this past election? Remember when there was always the constant threat of attack benign posted in the news for every holiday? Every time a new message from Bin laden was released to the news the threat level went up ? 

And NOW.... 


Thanksgiving came and went and No Threat level elevation. Not one peep about anything...

Christmas and nothing...

A new Message from Bin Laden... 


Not one Comment...

Just Nothing...

The silence  from the White House and BushCo. is deafening.

Remember when Dick Cheney said if we make the wrong choice...

Don't you think that you did now? We were all benign played as pawns in some twisted political play called "The BushCo. Re-election Campaign".

The only thing that has change it that the election is over. Do you really think that terrorist decided to only act up to keep John Kerry from benign elected?

If that's the case than they can't be considered terrorist, they are a political action party to promote American Democracy.

Maybe even a viable third party, after all they did reach millions of voters.

They might even be considered a 527. After all they collect funding tax free, and advertise with fear to effect our election outcome, much like the Republicans. 

They might even be Republican.

Why else is it that now terrorism doesn't exists even when it is thrust in our face.

Don't you see it now?

You Were Had!!!

By: William A. Peary 12-17-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


Watch Out For The Man Behind The Curtain

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  12-09-04

    As you can well see that the vote in Ohio is under the gun and no longer a secret. The funds have been raised to start the recount. The Kerry campaign is now on board with The Nader Campaign and the Green Party, to recount Ohio. 

    Kenneth Blackwell as stalled the vote counting to the very last minute and now the stalling is over. Everyone has waited patiently and now the time has come and the issue has not gone away but has silently grown stronger. 

    The Bush Administration knows that the possibility of the dirty deeds to steel the 2004 election is about to be uncovered so up pops another Carl Rove diversion tactic. What is it you ask? Well as you know Mainstream news has said very little about Ohio of Florida's problems with this election. As you well know that the news attributed BushCo  win with the Christian's turning out to vote because of the gay marriage issue. 

    Now the same day that the Judiciary committee meats in Washington up pops a story on network news about the words "Christmas" benign removed from Christmas songs in public schools. If you have seen the movie Bush's Brain you will most certainly recognize the tactic. It is designed to do two things. First to divert attention. Second a rallying call to the Christian base, to rally together to change the subject and hide the dirty truth from coming out about the election. Another by product to to assemble a force to once again begin the disruptive tactics as used in the 2000 election to STOP the vote counting...but this time Ohio is the target.

    Why is it that the Republicans are always talking about the rule of law. Why is it that the Republicans are always talking about, whether someone has high moral values (which they have stopped doing since every time they bring it up, more people in their party seem to fall from grace due to moral indirections than the ones they intended to smear).

Why is it that the Republicans are always afraid to count our votes?

By: William A. Peary 12-09-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


What A Difference A Day Makes

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  11-26-04

    During the days leading up to and including November 2nd elections we were told by George W. Bush and Dick Chaney that we had to keep thing as they were. A variation of "Stay The Course". If we did not than terrible things would happen. We should not change our leadership because that is what is protecting us. This was the all consuming message, this was the engine of fear that drove the campaign.

Now terrorism is abolished according to Attorney General , John Ashcroft  . He can now resign knowing that he has fulfilled his mission, sort of a "Mission Accomplished".

What a Difference A Day Makes.

Secretary Of State Colin Powell can now step down, and even though he stated in a letter to George W. Bush he would stay if asked, he was not asked. I guess two people leaving is not enough to constitute enough of a change.

What a Difference A Day Makes.

Spencer Abraham Secretary of energy is now leaving, and leaving us with the highest prices for Gas and oil products in our history. But It does not seem important now although George & Company stand to gain massive amounts of wealth from this. But there is no public outrage (As Yet).

What a Difference A Day Makes.

Ron Paige, Secretary of education is also leaving, along with the millions of children left behind from his "No Child Left Behind" program.

What a Difference A Day Makes.

Porter Goss makes massive changes and has hundreds of people leaving the CIA at a time when we are most at risk according to BushCo. But that's OK  I forgot John Ashcroft said "Mission Accomplished" 

What a Difference A Day Makes.

Now during these times of extreme challenges we fill these posts, not with experienced people but with loyal followers of BushCo. Oh I forgot "Mission Accomplished". 

What a Difference A Day Makes.

There were some who said that this war in Iraq was becoming another Viet Nam. They were quickly dismissed and told it was not the same.

What a Difference A Day Makes.

My Parents were the generation that went to war to end all wars, and fought for unions, to protect their jobs and give their children a better standard of living. While BushCo turns back the hands of time and dismantles our unions and sends our jobs over seas.

What a Difference A Day Makes.

My generation was the generation that saw a country heading down a wrong path causing nearly 40 thousand Americans killed, and we stood up to say, this is wrong and it must end. As time marched on there has been the slow silencing of those voices.

What a Difference A Day Makes.

Half the country saw that the Emperor did NOT have new clothes on Nov 2nd. It is now time for the rest to stand up and see that the Emperor does NOT have new clothing.

A Day Can Make A Difference... If We Only Look.

By: William A. Peary 11-26-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


We Must Speak Up

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  11-08-04

    Well after taking the day away from everything to just do nothing, to not think about the election. I have heard so many people on the radio and TV talking about how the Democratic Party must regroup. How the Democratic Party must work to gain back the southern states. I have heard people saying that John Kerry should have done this or done that. I have heard that when Bush starts to cause his base to loose jobs, to loose income, they will come back to the Democratic Party. Yes we should continue to try to be more inclusive of other people’s ideas and platforms.

No matter what we say, No matter whom we blame, it is all means nothing. We are accusing our politicians of not getting the message out.

I find that I still cannot get away from one nagging question.

What if all the stories are true?

What if the Black Boxes were wrong?

What if there really was a concerted effort to recast the votes?

How do we look each other in the face again after we blame one another… when the fault was not ours to bear without first having looked at the ever growing evidence?

How do you say you’re sorry I blamed you when the fault was not theirs?

Why do we not even ask the simplest of questions... let’s look at the machines?

For all the talk of “wait till 2006 we will organize we will win back the will of the people”.

But step back If any of what  the ever growing body of evidence is true, we cannot regain any elected government offices back in places with Black Box Touch Screen Voting Machines?

There will be no winning back anything if the voices from within, that can fight back do not speak up.

Till in the end it will be...

**Then they came for anyone who objected to government policy....and I didn't speak up because...... I didn't speak up.

"Then they came for me....... and by that time no one was left to speak up".

** By Stephen Rohde, a constitutional lawyer and President of the ACLU of Southern California

By: William A. Peary 11-08-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


The Big Picture  

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  11-05-04   

I have heard a lot of talk on the radio and on the Internet about how there was problems in Ohio with Touch Screen Voting (Black Box Voting).  (See Vindy.com). Than there was talk about problems in Florida. Than problems in the Carolinas, just this morning more talk from another state Georgia. Well I still have seen no one connect the dots. If all these machines are connected together than who is to say that in the central location that you just peal off 200 to 300 thousand votes from each state to now give the National appearance of Bush winning. As I wrote about earlier (See Past Posts Sept 27 04) when everyone was talking about the polls were off, I brought up the reasoning that the polls had to be slanted now so that later when Bush wins it won't come as a surprise.

Now What Can We Do.

First: Compare the exit polls from places with black box voting, to places that did not use black box voting. I suspect a pattern will start to emerge which is that the exit polls will only be unusually off in the places using black boxes.

Second: Compare the total vote count with the actual count of voters that showed up. All polling places have books that they use to see who you are or if you're registered that you must sign before you vote.

Third: Until the black boxes are removed than we must only vote by absentee ballot in places that use black box voting, and the candidates should tell that to all their voters when they are campaigning. 

This may sound a little over the top but when you stop think about it for just one minute it is not that far off. If it can be done in one state as everyone seems to think why not take the next logical step after all they are all connected together.

If any of this makes any sense at all than send it to any other political web sight you go to tell other people about it. Spread the word. Send links to this editorial to everyone you know.

(Use this link to send it:   http://www.foundingfreedoms.com/pages/black_box.htm ).

There is all kind of talk out there about what the Democrats did wrong, and no one is addressing the heart of the problem... the black box. If indeed the turnout was more in favor of the Democrats. Now we loose due to the black boxes it is not just a defeat... it is a hard swift kick in the gut to everyone that voted, because somehow deep in our heart we know that historically we should have won. Now not only an election is tainted but also the Democratic Party is demoralized causing dissention and division. 

In every state that these black boxes have showed up in there has been nothing but trouble. People have been fighting against them from the start in their communities (See Links Below) but now it is time to take up the cause nation wide. We were better off with the hanging, swinging dimpled, pregnant chards. In the event of a recount you can actually pick up the ballot and look at it not just a final count from a central computer. With the lever voting machines you would have to have a large conspiracy to rig every machines because each one stands alone and than each one is looked at separately and than totaled together. Black boxes are totaled in a central location that takes only ONE PERSON to change the vote count nation wide. Until the Black Boxes are gone and relegated to the scrap heap nationwide there can never be another election held in this country without the perception of it having been tainted.

Black Box Voting Site Here

Read Stories Black Box Voting Click Here


"First They Came for the Jews"
By Pastor Niemoller

First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.


Then They Came for Me (A New Twist)

By Stephen Rohde, a constitutional lawyer and President of the ACLU of Southern California. Adapted from the original by Rev. Martin Niemoller (1937).

First they came for the Muslims, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Muslim.

Then they came to detain immigrants indefinitely solely upon the certification of the Attorney General, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't an immigrant.

Then they came to eavesdrop on suspects consulting with their attorneys, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a suspect.

Then they came to prosecute non-citizens before secret military commissions, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a non-citizen.

Then they came to enter homes and offices for unannounced "sneak and peek" searches, and I didn't speak up because I had nothing to hide.

Then they came to reinstate Cointelpro and resume the infiltration and surveillance of domestic religious and political groups, and I didn't speak up because I had stopped participating in any groups.

Then they came for anyone who objected to government policy because it aided the terrorists and gave ammunition to America's enemies, and I didn't speak up because...... I didn't speak up.

Then they came for me....... and by that time no one was left to speak up.


There Are Citizens In America Who Have Been Fighting Against These Black Boxes For Over 3 Years Now. Citizens Who Were Victimized By Black Box Voting. We Cannot Hold The Elections Again And When It Makes A Mistake It Is Un Repairable And Thousands Have Lost Their Vote To An Electronic Void. We Do Not Know If The Person Who Should Have Won Really Did. It Is Time We All As A Nation Join Together In The Fight Against Black Box Voting.

By: William A. Peary 11-05-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com



2004 Report Card For President George W. Bush .

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  10-25-04   

    Four years ago George W. Bush said and promised the country a lot of things. Unfortunately even before the votes were finished being counted he began to show his true colors. He dragged the Federal Supreme Court into the State of Florida's election process, going against what he just campaigned on that States should govern themselves. This was only a warning sign, that he could not be taken at his word.

He has spent all the surplus and blamed 9-11, and the war. That was not the reason he raided the "Lock Box" that he promised to have our Social Security in, it was his tax breaks he gave to all of , as he puts it "His Base".

As more of the truth is made public we find that this administration had plans all along to go after Iraq. In doing so they created a haven and a breeding ground for terrorist. Now a country that had no terrorists before, now has between 8,000 and 12,000. Just today it was released in the news that over 360 tons of explosives was missing from a supply depot in Iraq. Just think, with most all of our military force in Iraq with heavy weapons and Air support, and they can't stop the terrorist there and we feel safer with Bush here because WHY? By all his actions he has never listened to the people who knew the facts and tried to protect this country. He only reacts to situations after they happen. If this is protection we are in big trouble, for Mr. Bush protects us by closing the barn door after the horse has run away.

Mr. Bush always has a plan to benefit the working families in this country but some how he never has the time to either tell us what it is or to implement it, and for the plans he does create he some how forgets to fund them so in the end they never work. Funny though when it comes to tax breaks for "His Base" they are always fully funded, even if it means borrowing from our children's future to pay for it.

Now we are forced to endure even more attacks on other people just to support his failing presidency. This is a person who says he is a leader but somehow when ever anything goes wrong it is never his fault. It is always something or someone else is at fault. I for one am tired of that same old excuse. We have given Mr. Bush nearly 4 years to get it right or even close to right, but just as in his academic pursuits he is failing.  This time a "C" is not a grade to joke about. The presidency of the United States is not a place for on the job training, with a promise to some day get it right. Just as in his Air force career he has cost our government, which is us the taxpayers of this country a lot more than one and a half million dollars in flight training, then not showing up for duty.

Mr. Bush has cost us the respect of the world at large. We all know now that the reasons for war with Iraq were fabricated. Unfortunately half the country was and is "Resistant to Information". The world knew, that is why Mr. Bush cannot get other nations to join the collation. The fact is that Mr. Bush wants others to put up money, and troops, and just sit back while he and his Vice President turn Iraq into a money making venture. Their idea of sharing is they take the profits for themselves and "Their Base" and everyone else gets the bill. Unfortunately this corporate raid is causing a permanent  job loss by causing the death of thousands of people. For all the statistic's out there we never hear about how many innocent civilians are now dead, by our smart bombs, or how many people are dying a slow cancerous death by the depleted uranium we use in those smart bombs. 

It should give one pause to think for just one minute which is worse the sickness....or the cure. Maybe the the world was right and if the inspectors were given more time even those "Resistant to Information would have finally been able to see what the rest of the world had seen. Unfortunately this time Mr. Bush has gotten an even lower grade. This time Mr. Bush gets a "D". Fitting for he has done nothing but cause Division within this country. He and his party caused the Disenfranchisement of thousands of voters. He has caused Destruction on a global scale to our environment. He has caused Death of thousands of innocent lives, with absolutely no remorse. He Has Depleted our financial resources. His Delayed reactions to security after the fact making us less safe.

I think this is one student who should be left behind for he is not "Resistant to Information" he is in a state of Denial.


By: William A. Peary 10-25-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


Munchausen By Proxy

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  10-31-04

After having thought about why people say that George W. Bush makes them feel safer. I can only think of one rational reason. 

MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY (MBP) (also called Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, and Factitious Disorder by Proxy) is a label for a pattern of behavior in which caretakers deliberately exaggerate and/or fabricate and/or induce physical and/or psychological-behavioral-mental health problems in others.

Exaggerate: The perpetrator deliberately embellishes a genuine problem.
Fabricate: The perpetrator deliberately makes up a problem story - OR makes it look as if a problem exists.
Induce: The perpetrator deliberately causes a problem to exist.  

First George W. Bush continues to embellish 911 and in a way that causes genuine fear. He than sends out other people in his administration to say that somehow it is your fault if you choose poorly. He then performs the healing ritual by raising the terror alert.

He gives you the Illusion of illness, and yes I do mean illusion. Bush and his administration  continues to re enforce the fear every so often by vague threats and ominous warnings.

The Real Cure is a two part and very simple.

By: William A. Peary 10-31-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


What's In A Word.

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  10-20-04            

        Let me start with a definition and see if you think it is terribly wrong.

Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.

Now does that conjure up fear in your heart? Does that cause you to run and hide? It describes someone who is willing to expand one's mind. To use the phrase of today "To think outside of the box". To look at situations in a unconventional manner. To accept new and old ideas without prejudice. Think about it... It sound's like the type of thinking that our Founding Fathers used when framing our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  Is not that the basic principals that we are taught not only at home but in school? Don't all religions teach that bigotry is wrong? Next

Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.

Now just think about this sentence... It amazingly enough could describe The United States Of America. Think about how once our Nation was formed and how the American spirit could not be kept down. Think about all the advancements America gave to the world. There was the car, with the Henry Ford assembly line. The Airplane that revalorized travel, and later we were able to stand on the moon, and reach even further beyond to the stars. There was the Submarine, allowing us to now for the first time to travel under the oceans, the Steamship that freed us from waiting for tides and wind to embark on our destinations. Then Communications with the telegraph, and the telephone, conveying a idea or just a simple greeting to someone in seconds not days. The means of spreading not only information but entertainment with the radio and,  television. We created computers, the internet, and cell phones, not to mention the medical advancements, and the list goes on and on. How about that. Does that sound like the work of some evil force? Are you the kind of person that feels that you identify with any or all of those two sentences?

Would you be shocked to find out that those are just two of the meanings of a word that our right wing  political establishment has been slandering and vilifying for the last 30 years. Because of this word and what it means it is why we are here today, why we have advanced so far in such a short time.

The word you ask?


We train our military to be liberal. Just think about it. A unit is taught that you are only as strong as the weakest man, and the rest of the unit should help them. Because in helping them you help your unit survive.

What I find so amazing is that one of the largest group of people out there condemning the concept of a Liberal. They jeer in approval at Bush rallies when he accuses someone of being Liberal. Who are these people? They are the right wing Evangelical Christians. Isn't that amazing, Christians, whose foundation is formed on Liberalism. To love thy neighbor as you love thyself. Now George W. Bush and the Republican party throw the word "Liberal" around as if it was some filthy and disgusting word, that should evoke immediate hatred and disgust. Yet they claim to be God fearing men and women, not realizing that by condemning the concept of a Liberal they are spitting in the face of one that they say they hold near and dear. They are spitting in the face of God. Because just think Jesus fed the masses, taught the masses, and healed the sick. He practiced this with everyone and excluded no one. By that definition Jesus was a Liberal.  

By: William A. Peary 10-20-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


One Bullet

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  10-4-2004    

    I have just finished watching the documentary The Hunting Of The President. It is something that I find that I must now speak out on. It was a time that I remember well, and I could not for the life of me understand why nor what was happening. Our government was involving itself in places it had never been nor should have been. It dragged up all the outrage I had felt from the past toward the Right Wing Ultra Conservatives. I remember well when the call went out for President William Jefferson Clinton's impeachment. I called the Whitehouse and spoke my mind. I said that I was someone who was standing behind President Clinton. I could see that the only major issue he was guilty of was a personal matter between himself and his family. He was someone who cared for the country and the people in it. Bill Clinton was someone who came from humble beginnings and never forgot it nor did he forget the little people as he rose in government. Even as President he and Hillary still cared for the average citizen. He always fought the good fight for us, and I asked that he not resign as the news papers were asking, but to fight on again, just one more time for us the people, for an attack on  was an attack on us all. It was a fight that would be difficult, but I asked that he fight on just one more time for all of us who believed in him and what he stood for. The movie only confirms what I felt was happening then but did not know. It remained hidden just below the surface, whether the news media was practicing "lies of omission" then it's not clear. In this country than, there was a witch hunt going on. It was a return to McCarthyism. It was a news media that had run amuck being used as a tool for this dastardly deed. 

What I think is just as important as the movie is in the bonus features. President Clinton addressed the audience at the end of a private screening, for about 30 minutes. In it he describes in detail the struggles that our county is going through now and has in the past. It is described in the book that I found through Air America Radio it is called The Great Divide. He said that we are in the mists of another great power struggle again and we need to over come it once again, and we can if we all heed the call and work together. How we do that is to counteract the lies spread by the right wing, with truth. As corny as it may sound we cannot fight them with their deceitful tactics. We Fight them with truth as President Bill Clinton proved, that truth will win the day. It will not be an easy battle but it is one that has now been foisted on us all. He thanked  have new fighters like Move on.org and Air America Radio. We must use our new tools, the Internet to spread the word, and old ones, our voice. Think of the Kevin Costner's movie the Postman and the simple way he saved the day, was through communication. We must speak up. It has worked already, we spoke out loud and clear after the first Kerry, Bush debate, We would not accept nothing less than John Kerry a the winner and no mater how hard the right wing spin machine tried John Kerry Still won. We must speak out against the madness the lies and innuendos. We must once again learn to be proud that we are Americans and remember that "Freedom is not free" Many a man and woman died so that we can have freedom of speech, freedom to question, freedom to be who and what you want to be.

We are nearing a crossroad and it is this election. Why? There are several reasons but one of the most pressing is the replacement of one or more Supreme Court Judges, which can profoundly affect our laws and our nation. We must all take up the call to arms, not with guns but with words. We must fill the void that the news media has left. They once again have becoming a tool of the right wing, but this time instead of being vocal and outspoken and probing they choose to be silent, "the lie of omission". 

The Revolution has begun and it will continue with or without you. Complacency will only return us back to a time akin to the dark ages where there will be no progress forward. Where we will have someone else make moral decisions for us. What we need to remember is that we should be guided by our faith not governed by it. We will have more lies and deceit foisted upon us as this current administration has done. We will become more isolated in the world at a time when the world has gotten so small that you cannot be isolated.

 We all have one bullet, and it is our vote. So let us use it wisely to choose a brighter ever more expanding future.

Therefore I Vote For A Brighter Tomorrow

Therefore I Vote For A Stronger America

Therefore I Vote For A Free Tomorrow


By: William A. Peary 10-04-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


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