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Pre Election Posts


Now it comes down to ourselves and our conscience.

Somewhere deep down inside we know that we have been mislead.

Somewhere inside we know that we have been the victims of duplicity.

Somehow we do not want to believe that we were taken advantage of by someone we thought we could trust.

But we have... Now it is time to wake up from our deep sleep of stubborn resistance.

It is time to stand up for ourselves and reclaim our self-esteem.

Now it is time to reject the politics of division and realize that this is not what America is about.

It is time to reject the Bush doctrine of fear.

The Revolution has begun and it will continue with or without you. Complacency will only return us back to a time akin to the dark ages where there will be no progress forward. Where we will have someone else make moral decisions for us. What we need to remember is that we should be guided by our faith not governed by it. We will have more lies and deceit foisted upon us as this current administration has done. We will become more isolated in the world at a time when the world has gotten so small that we cannot afford to be isolated.

 We all have one bullet, in this revolution and it is our vote. So let us use it wisely to choose a brighter ever more expanding future.

Therefore I Vote For A Brighter Tomorrow

Therefore I Vote For A Stronger America

Therefore I Vote For A Free Tomorrow




A Letter From John Kerry That Every American Should Read



Washington, DC – Kerry-Edwards economic advisor Gene Sperling released the following statement today:

"In the last three months, the economic performance was disappointing for middle class families and below expectations: the results that have become the norm for the economy under President Bush. With lost manufacturing jobs, anemic private sector job growth, three straight months of declining consumer confidence and spiraling oil prices, most middle class families will find it hard to swallow the Bush Administration’s spin that this is the best economy of our life time. With today’s GDP report    Read More     11-01-04


11-01-04  Air America  Morning Sedition's List of 100 Reasons Bush Must Go   Click Here or Here


Use The John Kerry online volunteer center to talk to your local media outlets:



You Decide Facts and Key Issues Booklet for Undecided Voters From udecide.org


Yes this it an un doctored still of George the party boy from the movie link (1.09 MB) below his pix.


He just seems to be playacting through his presidency. I wonder what his Religious Conservative supporters would think if they could see him without the act?

Discovered at   http://www.wwmeli.org/103reasons/  near last 1/4 of page.

And Still One More Twist. Now the Bush people send out a explosives expert to say that they were there and they removed some explosives but in the end they can's say if it was the explosives in question. So Why Say Anything At All. First you accuse John Kerry of talking without the facts and Bush just trots out someone who says really nothing at all, when he is the one person who should have the answers. Or are the answers just just as it is reported and George W. Bush again cannot admit he was wrong again. What ever happened to "The terrorist only have to be right once" You were there, you were warned, you knew in no uncertain terms once again, and you did nothing once again Mr. Bush.  10-30-04 

As I Warned you Yesterday Bush now sends out Rudy Guiliani, and you guessed it, It's not George W. Bush's fault. It is the troops fault the Weapons of Large Scale Destruction are missing. Rudy Guiliani said “‘The actual responsibility for it really would be for the troops that were there. Did they search carefully enough? Didn't they search carefully enough?’ Let's see now, DON'T YOU  HAVE TO GIVE THE TROOPS ORDERS TO DO SOMETHING LIKE SEARCH IN THE FIRST PLACE? The Question is not weather they did search, or how carefully they searched, but did any one give them the orders to search! 10-29-04

RECAP First There Are "Weapons Of Large Scale Destruction", And we were told of them 13 years ago....than You Mr. George W. Bush was reminded of them just before "The War of Choice". They were there 3 months before the war In January and verified 3 times by the UN inspector. Than you send troops there to use the dump as a staggering area but some how forget to at least let someone check on them or even post a minimal guard. Isn't that one of the reasons we were there, to find weapons that could be used by terrorist to exact large scale destruction? Now after they are gone somehow it's not George W. Bush's fault, the man who had everything planned out. I guess " Weapons Of Large Scale Destruction" must have slipped his mind. After all even if you use all  380 TONS a little at a time you could only kill several hundred thousand people.  I guess it don't count because they wouldn't be killed all at the same time. 

Now I really am confused!.... You Feel safer with Bush Why?  10-28-04 

Why is it that George W. Bush after months on a campaign trail still can't string two sentences together without reading from a script? Why is it that George W. Bush still can not answer a single question with out a script and sound like he actually knows what he is talking about? 10-27-04

Another 70 BILLION dollars!!! Yes George W. Bush wants another 70 Billion dollars for Iraq next January. Funny but we still don't have a full accounting of the last 85 Billion. We still have millions unaccounted for with Halliburton. Having Enron type accounting in the private sector is devastating enough without having it in our  government. 10-27-04


10-27-04 Fact About The Weapons Dump. During the UN inspections in 1991 the UN found sealed and marked the High Explosives now in question. They were again checked by the UN just prior to the war In January 2003 and resealed. Now consider this. We were using every spy satellite we have to watch Iraq at that time hell we saw one truck the size of a camper and said it was a mobile weapons lab but we could not see hundreds of  tractor trailers carrying away these deadly high explosives? So which is worse saying we knew they were there before and we just stopped watching them and oops their gone? Or we didn't check on them or even post some sort of guard when we got there. Either way these are the same deadly explosives that with just 1 pound it was able to bring down the plane at Lockerbie Scotland in 1988. Now after knowing that they were there we stopped watching them a "Weapon of Large Scale Destruction" and didn't bother to even include them in a initial air strike or with any of our smart bombs at the start of the war to keep them from their use or theft. So let's see we knew they were there but we stopped watching them. We know where they are but we don't target them. Than we go there but we don't check them. Now almost 400 Tons of "Weapons of Large Scale Destruction" are missing!

You Feel Safer With Bush Because Why ? I Really Need To Know Now !

Tell Me Again How Bush Is Making Us Safe !  I For One Am Having Trouble Believing It ! ! 


The Los Angeles Times is reporting that a top level CIA report showing the Bush administration blind to the threat of Al Qaeda before 9/11 has been suppressed by the Bush administration

The Bush administration is suppressing a CIA report on 9/11 until after the election, and this one names names. Although the report by the inspector general's office of the CIA was completed in June, it has not been made available to the congressional intelligence committees that mandated the study almost two years ago. 'It is infuriating that a report which shows that high-level people were not doing their jobs in a satisfactory manner before 9/11 is being suppressed,' an intelligence official who has read the report told me, adding that "the report is potentially very embarrassing for the administration, because it makes it look like they weren't interested in terrorism before 9/11, or in holding people in the government responsible afterward. 

Source:   Air America Radio     10-21-04


You Feel Safer With Bush Because????

Today (10-17-04) on the ABC news it was reported that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has joined forces with Osama bin Laden.... 

On Sept 21 2004 www.misleader.org published the following story... Bush Rejected Plans to Go After Top Terrorist. If you combine the two stories this is Further proof that Bushes war Is only causing terrorist forces to grow.

Bush Rejected Plans to Go After Top Terrorist
In his effort to claim he is the strongest candidate on national security, President Bush has lately been speaking a lot about how he is doing everything possible to track down terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi1 - the man thought to be responsible for escalating attacks on U.S. soldiers in Iraq.2 But according to NBC News, it was Bush who in 2002 and 2003 rejected three plans to strike and neutralize Zarqawi because he believed a successful strike would undermine the public case for targeting Saddam Hussein.

As NBC News reported, "Long before the war, the Bush administration had several chances to wipe out his terrorist operation and perhaps kill Zarqawi himself - but never pulled the trigger." In June 2002, the Pentagon drafted plans to attack a camp Zarqawi was at with cruise missiles and airstrikes. The plan was killed by the White House. Four months later, as Zarqawi planned to use ricin in terrorist attacks in Europe, the Pentagon drew up a second strike plan, yet "the White House again killed it." In January 2003, the Pentagon drew up still another attack plan, and for the third time, the White House killed it.3

According to NBC, "Military officials insist their case for attacking Zarqawi's operation was airtight, but the administration feared destroying the terrorist camp in Iraq could undercut its case for war against Saddam."4

Zarqawi is thought to be at least indirectly responsible for hundreds of U.S. casualties. Just yesterday, Zarqawi's terrorist group beheaded an American civilian in Baghdad. 5


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  5. "Zarqawi Group Beheads U.S. Hostage Armstrong," Reuters, 9/20/04.

Source for above story on Sept 21 2004:    www.misleader.org  

Don't you see that George W. Bush is NOT doing a damn thing to protect you! He only reacts to terrorist attacks AFTER THEY HAPPEN NOT BEFORE.  He chooses to be preoccupied with his own agenda. That even when warned about a threat he still does nothing till after we are attacked, and at that he only makes things worse and does not get the people responsible. Bush Is Reactive NOT Proactive.    You Feel safer with Bush Because?????






On Oct 14 2004 ABC Nightline Ran a special report on John Kerry silver star from a different prospective. It was done by going back to Viet Nam and finding the village where it happened. Through an interpreter they interviewed Viet Nam Villagers who were there, and low and behold they without knowing John Kerry remembered the incident and pretty much backed up John Kerry's accounts and the account in the Naval records. They also had John O'Neill on the program and in spite of the evidence O'Neill continued to talk over Ted Koppel to push his side using his book and insisted that he Ted Koppel was duped by the communist. I have to hand it to Ted Koppel he handled O'Neill in such a way that O'Neil looked like a raving mad man by the end of the show. He continued to rant over Ted Koppel and not answer any of Ted Koppel's questions. Read Nightline transcript  See the program here from global free press in Windows Media Player Now if after reading and seeing it, my suggestion is this. Write, e-mail, call ABC and ask them to re air the program again but on the same night that Sinclair plays their so called news story slandering John Kerry's account of the medals. If ABC does, it may help to defuse the Sinclair story. 10-15-04


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