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2005 Posts On Consider This

12-28-05 Why Is It That Bush And The Republicans Always seem to have to go to war just before an election cycle? Isn't is strange that the "Bad Guys" always time their Activities around American elections. One other thing If the Republicans are known War Hawks wouldn't you, if you were the "bad guys", be very very quiet and not act up so that maybe those Democrats who are "soft on war" can get elected so that they can do what ever they want and get away with their "evil deeds"? 

    Maybe it's the Republicans who are like that kid you went to school with who would throw that wad of paper at you in grade school so you would jump up to get them only to get caught by the teacher and blamed for starting trouble.

    I seem to remember Don Rumsfeld selling those "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" to Iraq when he worked for Ronald Reagan and daddy Bush. Now Bush Is "Shocked" to find that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and they need to be taken away. Click Below To See The Video.

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12-01-05  Troop withdrawal? Things To Consider Before You Start Celebrating Although George W. Bush and the rest of the Republicans continue to act as though everything is just fine in Iraq and that they want to bring the troops home consider this.

Well first of all everything is not just fine, in fact the number of attacks per week are now at their highest levels since the fighting began, they are running at about 100 per month. Let us not forget that during the 2004 election campaign as I wrote about, there was large amounts of munitions missing that I called "Weapons of Large Scale Destruction" in the unguarded ammunitions dumps. Why? Because Bush did not allow enough troops to guard the depots. Well at the current rate of attacks with IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) enough explosives were taken to supply the attacks at the current rate for over 400 YEARS. Good move there George.

 BushCo is still building 16 military bases and one of the most expensive embassy ever. With that in mind then it only stand to reason that those bases will need to have troops stationed there right? What I already said back in August this year in my Editorial Bits And Pieces is that BushCo will up the troops for the elections again, then say he is withdrawing them, and we find that it’s just the old shell game when we are back to where we started again.

In March2003 we had 100,000 then by November 2004 it was 138,000 as we added troops for the elections, and other countries pulled out their troops. As of November 2005 the number went up to 155,000 as we added more troops for the vote on the construction. Now if all goes well the Defense Department says that we may reduce the number of troops to 100,000. WAIT A MINUTE… Isn’t that the number we started with before we temporarily added troops for the various elections…? If that’s the case BushCo, IS NOT withdrawing any troops at all, IT’S ALL NOTHING BUT A SHELL GAME.

            The Troops are NOT COMING HOME, it is all just an Illusion contrived to win the mid term elections in 2006. We have 27 military bases Including Army And Air force in Germany that has about 56,000 troops. In South Korea we have 6 bases, with 28,000 troops. As you can see that the more chances there is for a hostel environment the larger the troop contingency is, so knowing what you know now about BushCo and Iraq just how many troops do you think we will need in Iraq's it's 16 bases? 28,000? 56,000?

    If you use the South Korea model of around 4,700 men per installation, we would need a minimum of 75,000 troops, but we are not in combat in South Korea. So the final number should be somewhere between 75,000 and 155,000 which brings us back to the original number of troops around 100,000. 

Meaning NO CHANGE. Just more smoke and mirrors.

10-23-05   In A Word…DIVERSION Is My Take On Harriett Miers, I have nothing new to add to what is already out there, nothing to show the she has only tried 3 cases in her entire practice, the rest were won by just plain bully tactics. I’m not going to reveal anything new unless you did not know that she is the only person in the History of The United States that had to re do her questionnaire to congress again due to inconsistencies. She has met with members of the Seniti and later issued retractions or the Whitehouse has had to issue statements to clarify what she said, in fact she has stopped the meetings all together.

            What she does have as a qualification is that of a constant diversion due to her extreme lack of qualifications. She has become the daily focus of attention, and we know from her personal notes to George that her loyalty is one that allows her to become the Clown diversion, if it will protect George.

Just think while this sideshow is going on Delay has not only been Indicted, he has had an arrest warrant issued, and he was arraigned. Bill Frist is now in an ever-deepening probe for insider trading. That makes both leaders of the Congress under investigation, an accomplishment never before attained by any other political Party before but the Republican Party under George W. Bush and have accomplished it.

Then there is the fact that the President’s and Vice President number one men, Rove and Libby, was involved with a treasonous crime of outing a CIA’s name involved with terrorist operation, during a War, that George declared.

 Then there still all the bad press Bush has gotten because he would not take the time to speak to Cindy Sheehan, as he just kept avoiding her, and avoiding her, because he had no answer, or no answer that the American people would accept any more… and Oil is not an acceptable answer.

There’s the fact that for the first time George, under the direction of Dick, has threatened to veto a major spending bill for the Pentagon budget spending for the year… and why? Because it contained a paragraph that would stop the military frown using torture. Hey George have you ever heard of the “Line Item Veto”? Oh you can’t use that can you? If you bully congress to pull it out you can blame congress for not including it, and if you veto it, you would be left standing there in your all together for the world to see that torture really was yours, And Dicks, and Don’s and Alberto’s idea all along.

            Yes I think that Harriett Miers Is playing the “Good Solider” and “tripping”, not falling on her sword, because once she falls on it she dies and the fiasco is over. So she just keeps tripping on her sward becoming the clown, to perpetuate the fiasco, to take the heat off her Beloved Republican party, the Religious Conservatives, and of course George.


07-10-05  We Are All Nothing But Cannon Farter To Those With Money And Just      Something To Turn A Profit On.

From Fox News' July 7 breaking news coverage between 1 and 2 p.m. ET:

SMITH: Some of the things you might expect to happen, for instance, a drop in the stock market and some degree of uncertainty across this country -- none of that really seen today, and I wonder if the timing of it -- that it happened in the middle of the night and we were able to get a sense of the grander scheme of things -- wasn't helpful in all this.

HUME: Well, maybe. The other thing is, of course, people have -- you know, the market was down. It was down yesterday, and you know, you may have had some bargain-hunting going on. I mean, my first thought when I heard -- just on a personal basis, when I heard there had been this attack and I saw the futures this morning, which were really in the tank, I thought, "Hmmm, time to buy." Others may have thought that as well. But you never know about the markets. But obviously, if the markets had behaved badly, that would obviously add to people's sense of alarm about it. But there has been a lot of reassurance coming, particularly in the way that -- partly in the way the Brits handled all this, but also in the way that officials here handled it. There seems to be no great fear that something like that is going to happen here, although there's no indication that we here had any advance warning.

Source for above: http://mediamatters.org/items/200507070007 

Bottom line... It's one thing to think it...It's another to not only say it, but to say it so that the people who have lost their family members can hear it is quite another story. 

What's that I here...?

(Chirp Chirp)


Why is it that not one person... No in the Whitehouse, No one in the news, said Britt should Resign or at the very least apologize to the British citizens...!

Don't hold your breath!


05-08-05   In The BBC a member of Tony Blair's party came forward with an charge that George W. Bush and Tony Blair planed to invade Iraq and planned a story to sell it to the world. Can you say High Crimes and Misdemeanors? Can you say this is real grounds to impeach George W. Bush as set fourth in the Constitution.

4-16-05  When you George the III talk about making tax cuts permanent for the wealthy don't believe him. He is using the word to further demoralize you and make you feel worthless and that you can not oppose him or change anything he has done You can change anything. That's the beauty of our construction, any thing can be changed so when ever you hear George the III say permanent that should warn you he is up to nothing good for the working class.


Trickle What?

01-28-05   When you are told that a tax break to the wealthy it is good for you, because they will go out and spend more money, which will give you jobs It makes no sense if you just stop and think about it for just one minute.

Imagine that you have enough money to go and buy anything you ever wanted. Houses, cars, boats, big screen TV, anything you can think of. Imagine you can go any where in the world whenever you want. Now… imagine having enough money after all that to do the same for every person in your immediate family. Now imagine that you can do the same for everyone in your extended family, and by the way doing all that it will barely affect your wealth, which is still growing by the way. Now imagine that some one comes along and gives you more money, which you already cannot spend, fast enough as it is. Is that going to make you go out and spend money?

            Now consider this. If you are the wealthy person just how many TV’s or houses, or cars can you buy before you loose interest, in buying “toys”. Maybe 50, maybe 100?  While in the hands of the average American we collectively would be buying hundreds of thousands if not millions, of cars, boats, homes, computers, and Toys. This would force manufacturing to create jobs to fill the demand of the average American. That will give a much larger boost to the economy when millions of people spend money rather than hundreds.

            Henry Ford paid his workers above average wages. When asked why he said. “If I did not, no one would have enough money to buy my cars.

Remember the old saying, “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”.


"With trickle down economics, the trickle you feel on your foot is not money".

By: William A. Peary


There Will Be A Election In Iraq No Matter What

01-25-05  The Line they have nukes is such an over used term

If you just stop to think about it countries like Russia and China would be less likely to use them because they have something to loose. Be it family, friends, a home children, something of value.
But in Iraq, or if we do the same thing to Iran and devastate that country, just what do they have to loose to deter them.
We would have either killed or destroyed everything that they hold dear to them.
They will be more likely to use whatever weapons that they have to strike back at us.
By the actions of BushCo he is only assuring that we will be attacked by them or by others who fear that they will be next.


01-14-05   No matter how much fighting will be going on in Iraq BushCo will insist on the elections, so that he than now change the rhetoric once again. You see that once there is a election even if only 3 people get to vote BushCo will hail it as a victory for Democracy. We will than have to stay there in Iraq to support the new fledging Democracy. 


01-11-05   Well today I was Listening to The Tom Hartmann show and I was treated to a nice surprise. It was an idea that I had put out some 15 to 20 years ago. For those of you that know me you may even remember when I first made the statement. 

The Idea? 

We are the new slaves in the world, with a twist.

   Now for those of you that didn't know me then let me explain what I meant. Simply put slaves owners had to feed, house and clothe their slaves. Today we work all week so we can feed, house and clothe our selves with little money left for anything else. The only difference is that no one took us by force from our home. 


01-06-05    Why is it that BushCo. keeps taking from the poor and giving to the rich and no one in the main stream media complains about it. Any of you retired people out there who lost your retirement in Enron feel like backing BushCo.'s plan for putting your entire retirement in the stock market? Wasn't it nice that the government put Martha Stewart in jail but let Enron skate away with all your money. I guess that the government will now have to create a sort of FDIC to back the market so when the Bilk the public again you won't be flat broke. This way it will be easier for companies to screw you again and the government pick's up the tab and you the taxpayer picks up the bill, weather you want to or not, you get to pay twice, once the first time when you invest and again when you have to bail them out. Twice the punch for half the return. 


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