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2004 Debate Posts


After two years of having complete control of our government Bush has done nothing with it. Now he asks give me 4 more years I have a plan, but describes the plan in sound bites with no substance. While on the other hand John Kerry Describes in detail what he wants to do and how he will do it. Bush showed just who's side he is on, when asked about the minimum wage, he never answered it instead he went back to no child left behind ( which he never fully funded). Think about it for one minute. If you are 22 and graduating college you were 15 years old when the minimum wage finally went up to $5.15 an hour. When it came to overturning Row V. Wade Bush said "What he's asking me is, will I have a litmus test for my judges? And the answer is, no, I will not have a litmus test. I will pick judges who will interpret the Constitution, but I'll have no litmus test".... Funny he said the same thing before he appointed John Ashcroft, who by the way along with Donald Rumsfeld were the ones who twisted the Geneva conventions rules to allow touchier of prisoners, and to defy the Constitution of the United States. It seems that these people who were so intent on "The Letter Of The Law" Just a few short years earlier when going after Bill Clinton's now feel it is OK to bend the Constitution a pretzel when it suits them. These are the people let us not forget couldn't wait to lock up Martha Stewart but choose to allow Enron to remain free. When it come to gun control on automatic weapons Bush again, as he has done with everything else blames someone else And I Quote.  "BUSH: Actually, I made my intentions -- made my views clear. I did think we ought to extend the assault weapons ban, and was told the fact that the bill was never going to move, because Republicans and Democrats were against the assault weapon ban, people of both parties. I believe law-abiding citizens ought to be able to own a gun. I believe in background checks at gun shows or anywhere to make sure that guns don't get in the hands of people that shouldn't have them. But the best way to protect our citizens from guns is to prosecute those who commit crimes with guns. And that's why early in my administration I called the attorney general and the U.S. attorneys and said: Put together a task force all around the country to prosecute those who commit crimes with guns. And the prosecutions are up by about 68 percent -- I believe -- is the number. Neighborhoods are safer when we crack down on people who commit crimes with guns. To me, that's the best way to secure America". 

First if he did make is intentions clear than either Bush or Tom Delay are lying. The day after the ban expired Bush said if the congress sent it to him he would have signed it and Delay said that if president bush asked for it he would have sent it to him. I ask you who is lying perhaps Both.

As to the best way to protect our citizens from guns is to prosecute the criminals. This Is just an outrageous Joke. If you have ever called the police because you felt threatened do you know what the police response is? Do You? I'll tell you. You will get told that if the other person or persons have done nothing than there is nothing that they can do. But when a automatic weapon is involved there is rarely a second chance you will call them back. To prosecute someone after the fact means that you must die before anything can be done.

No I think that we have had enough of this administration and their lack of definition just proved it last night. Wake up and see the facts.  10-14-04


After careful consideration I would have to say that I would give the debate to John Kerry. I have read and heard other comments and also looked back on the previous debates to come to a conclusion. Now if the sole purpose of the debate was not based on the content which I think most pundits are not considering Bush has improved. If you base the debate on the content which by the way that is what these debates are about than I would have to say John Kerry is the winner, because he further elaborated on his plan and vision for our country. Bush just continued to say that he has a plan but he had no content. Something that he has accused John Kerry of. Let's us not forget that Bush and his party has had control of both the House and Senate for two years and has done nothing but squander it. 10-14-04

I think we hade a another small glimpse into the true nature of George W. Bush. He bullied Charlie Gibson into taking over the floor no matter what. Bush went against the rules he created for the debates, rules he agreed to. This is why we are in the terrible state we are in right now. Bush is a spoiled brat who will throw a temper tantrum to get his own way at any cost regardless of the consequences. He is acting more like a dictator than a president. No wonder why we have no other countries willing to work with us. Like a 6 year old if he can't win he will take his toys and go home. The difference is he is not 6 years old, and it isn't cute. This time his tantrum is costing Lives of our men and women. It is costing billions of dollars we could use here at home. Now it is costing our respect in the world. 10-8-04

10-08-04   Another John Kerry Win. Bush proves that he can only talk at people and not with them. Bush bullied Charlie Gibson to take over the floor, like a spoiled brat just wanting his own way only to deliver a campaign slogan attack. John Kerry faced all questions and answered them with ideas and answers. John Kerry upon answering the question from the women about abortion and stem cells Kerry showed that he is someone who will be guided by his religion and not lead by it. Bush answered with tired campaign slogans and more false attacks on John Kerry's record rather than answering the questions. For other Opinions Click Here

For those of you who missed the debate or have Questions about John Kerry's stand on the issues brought up at the debate Click Here

 I also recommend taking the time to go to http://blog.johnkerry.com/rapidresponse/  which is the source of the answer rather than the distorted sound bites the you hear George W. Bush making on national news.

Because Dick Cheney started the debate with one lie after another. Because he said it  and with conviction does not make it true nor should it be cause to give him the debate. On those grounds is why I clearly give the winning of the debate to John Edwards. 10-07-04

John Edwards Takes Down Dick Cheney....

10-05-04  After the first half of the debate Dick Cheney had to back down on being the attack dog. Dick Cheney continued to tell numerous untruthful statements and John Edwards continued to foil him on every attack. If Cheney continued John Edwards was bound to bring out more dirt about Dick Cheney and George W. Bush than they wanted the Public to know. For the rest of the debate Cheney fell back on the tired old "Bumper sticker " slogans. At the end Cheney closed with a variation of The Fear Campaign slogan of elect us or else. 

Oct 1 04  At the debate tonight George W. Bush said we won the war in Iraq and rather quickly. I differ with that statement. Signing a peace treaty in Japan on board the U.S. Battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay at the end of World War II is winning a war, when no other solders were killed in continued fighting. Standing on the deck of a carrier and saying that we won the war in Iraq and than having over another 800 Soldiers killed and going up, every week is not winning a war.

The Bush spin machine is trying desperately to give Bush the edge in the debate. Karen Hues said that the president was tired from traveling around Florida to see the hurricane victims. Tired was not exactly what I would call it. more like uninformed, and pissed off that he finally was in front of real audience and not a crowd of hand picked loyalist who sign loyalty oaths just to attend the rallies. 09-28-04

Sept 27 04    John F. Kerry Clearly The Winner Of The First Debate In A Land Slide



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