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December 2004

12-02-04    Dateline Ohio... This just in. As of 12-02-04 the lead GeorgeCo had in Ohio is shrinking. He once had a 135,000 vote lead it is now down to 118,000 that's a loss of 18,000 votes. This does not include the 96,000 under-votes that have not yet been looked into. The election is not yet over, and by Constructional law that is on January 6th. 


He lost an arm in Iraq; the Army wants money
Spc. Robert Loria is stuck at Fort Hood, Texas

12-10-04  Robert Loria 27 of Middletown NY lost his arm in a roadside bombing in Iraq and now tht US Armey tells him he owes them money, and confiscated his last paycheck. Like many soldiers wounded in Iraq, Loria's injuries were caused by a roadside bombing. It happened in February when a bomb tore Loria's left hand and forearm off 
  Months later, he was still recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and just beginning to adjust to life without a hand, when he was released back to Fort Hood.
    AFTER SEVERAL MORE MONTHS, the Army is releasing Loria. But "clearing Fort Hood," as the troops say, takes paperwork. Lots of it.
   Loria thought he'd done it all, and was getting ready to collect $4,486 in final Army pay.
   Then he was hit with another bomb. The Army had another tally – of money it says Loria owed to his government.
   A Separation Pay Worksheet given to Loria showed the numbers: $2,408.33 for 10 months of family separation pay that the Army erroneously paid Loria after he'd returned stateside, as a patient at Walter Reed; $2,204.25 that Loria received for travel expenses from Fort Hood back to Walter Reed for a follow-up visit, after the travel paperwork submitted by Loria never reached the correct desk. And $310 for missing items on his returned equipment inventory list.
   "There was stuff lost in transportation, others damaged in the accident," Loria said of the day he lost his hand. "When it went up the chain of command, the military denied coverage."
   Including taxes, the amount Loria owed totaled $6,255.50. The last line on the worksheet subtracted that total from his final Army payout and found $1,768.81 "due us."

Source: http://www.recordonline.com/archive/2004/12/10/abandon1.htm 


12-11-05  More and more U.S. soldiers are speaking out against the war in Iraq -- and some are refusing to fight. After returning home to Pennsylvania, Mike Hoffman founded Iraq Veterans Against the War. "You realize that the people to blame for this are not the ones you are fighting." When Hoffman arrived in Kuwait in February 2003, his unit’s highest-ranking enlisted man laid out the mission in stark terms. “You’re not going to make Iraq safe for democracy,” the sergeant said. “You are going for one reason alone: oil. But you’re still going to go, because you signed a contract. And you’re going to go to bring your friends home.” Hoffman, who had his own doubts about the war, was relieved—he’d never expected to hear such a candid assessment from a superior. But it was only when he had been in Iraq for several months that the full meaning of the sergeant’s words began to sink in. “The reasons for war were wrong,” he says. “They were lies. There were no WMDs. Al Qaeda was not there. And it was evident we couldn’t force democracy on people by force of arms.”

Source: http://www.motherjones.com/news/feature/2004/11/10_400.html 


2-26-04  There is ever increasing evidence that just as I said before that the vote was hijacked throughout the country wherever computerized voting was used which is approximately 80% of the country. In Washington the Republican candidate for governor was declared the winner by only several votes...until the Democratic candidate asked for a recount. During the re-counting the Republicans did not want to count the absentee ballots. So what else is new the Republicans are always saying STOP counting the votes whenever they are ahead, but low and behold now that a hand recount is over the Democratic candidate is winning by several hundred votes.

    As we have been writing about for weeks now there is overwhelming evidence of serious voter FRAUD in Ohio. Ken Blackwell, George Bush, and Dick Cheney, have been subpoenaed to testify as to "voter irregularities" in Ohio. Ken Blackwell has Refused to testify, and there has been no response from Cheney or Bush.

    Barbra Boxer, and several other Senators have refused to challenge the electoral collage vote in Washington in January, saying it will cause a Constitutional crises. John Kerry won't do it because he says it will be self serving.

    Wake up!

    That is precisely why the founding fathers wrote those challenges into the Construction. This may be the last time that you can speak up. The corporations have taken over the ballot box and you all stand by and choose to do nothing, you don't want to cause a problem. YOU are not going to be the Cause of the problem, you are the solution. The people who committed the FRAUD are the people causing the problem. 

    If you choose to remain silent than you are then just as guilty as the ones who committed the fraud.

    I reprinted the short pro below which dates back to the times of the Nazi takeover of Germany. I know that you all have heard it... 





"First They Came for the Jews"
By Pastor Niemoller

First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.


Please everyone Write, call, your Senators and congressmen call the all in every state. Tell every one that you know to writ and call as well. The crime of Fraud has already been committed, now stand up and fight back. We are not going to be the problem we are going to be the solution.



12-30-04      BushCo. has finally after 3 days has pledged 35 Million dollars to aid the countries divested by the the tsunami of which 20 Million is a loan. Before you start on the rant that we spend too much money on foreign aid, the popular belief is that we spend close 1/4 of our budget, but we do not. We spend less than 1%. 

That equals about 4 Hours of funding for the Iraq war.

In fact BushCo. is spending more on his inaugural balls than that, $50 million to be exact.

    These people are our friends... We were devastated with the loss of almost 3,000 victims on 911. These countries have lost between 40 and 50 times that amount. No they were not killed by an one group of people, but they are dead just the same. The pain of the loss to family and friends is still the same. Maybe even more so because they have lost not only their family members but their home and jobs, and everything else in their lives. Why do we spend more money on starting unjust wars than we spend on helping our friends in their hour of need? Why does BushCo and the rest of the Republicans spend more money to kill people then save people? Why Is it BushCo insist that as he kills people, he is trying to  save them?

Below are 3 very reputable places to donate money to if you want to help. More of the donations go to the cause than most other groups.


Something You May Need to Keep Up On Senator John F. Kerry's web



Kerry Fights to Restore Fiscal Responsibility

Kerry Statement on Increase in Debt Limit

Senator John Kerry's Statement on Election Reform


Terror Alert Level

Courtesy Of Geek and Proud




Watch Out For The Man Behind The Curtain

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  12-09-04

    As you can well see that the vote in Ohio is under the gun and no longer a secret. The funds have been raised to start the recount. The Kerry campaign is now on board with The Nader Campaign and the Green Party, to recount Ohio. 

    Kenneth Blackwell as stalled the vote counting to the very last minute and now the stalling is over. Everyone has waited patiently and now the time has come and the issue has not gone away but has silently grown stronger. 

    The Bush Administration knows that the possibility of the dirty deeds to steel the 2004 election is about to be uncovered so up pops another Carl Rove diversion tactic. What is it you ask? Well as you know Mainstream news has said very little about Ohio of Florida's problems with this election. As you well know that the news attributed BushCo  win with the Christian's turning out to vote because of the gay marriage issue. 

    Now the same day that the Judiciary committee meats in Washington up pops a story on network news about the words "Christmas" benign removed from Christmas songs in public schools. If you have seen the movie Bush's Brain you will most certainly recognize the tactic. It is designed to do two things. First to divert attention. Second a rallying call to the Christian base, to rally together to change the subject and hide the dirty truth from coming out about the election. Another by product to to assemble a force to once again begin the disruptive tactics as used in the 2000 election to STOP the vote counting...but this time Ohio is the target.

    Why is it that the Republicans are always talking about the rule of law. Why is it that the Republicans are always talking about, whether someone has high moral values (which they have stopped doing since every time they bring it up, more people in their party seem to fall from grace due to moral indirections than the ones they intended to smear).

Why is it that the Republicans are always afraid to count our votes?

By: William A. Peary 12-09-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


Am I the only one

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  12-17-04

    Am I the only one that thinks that BushCo. has duped at least 1/4 of the population with this past election? Remember when there was always the constant threat of attack benign posted in the news for every holiday? Every time a new message from Bin laden was released to the news the threat level went up ? 

And NOW.... 


Thanksgiving came and went and No Threat level elevation. Not one peep about anything...

Christmas and nothing...

A new Message from Bin Laden... 


Not one Comment...

Just Nothing...

The silence  from the White House and BushCo. is deafening.

Remember when Dick Cheney said if we make the wrong choice...

Don't you think that you did now? We were all benign played as pawns in some twisted political play called "The BushCo. Re-election Campaign".

The only thing that has change it that the election is over. Do you really think that terrorist decided to only act up to keep John Kerry from benign elected?

If that's the case than they can't be considered terrorist, they are a political action party to promote American Democracy.

Maybe even a viable third party, after all they did reach millions of voters.

They might even be considered a 527. After all they collect funding tax free, and advertise with fear to effect our election outcome, much like the Republicans. 

They might even be Republican.

Why else is it that now terrorism doesn't exists even when it is thrust in our face.

Don't you see it now?

You Were Had!!!

By: William A. Peary 12-17-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


Thought Of The Day

12-27-04  Do You Know That 80% of All Votes in America are Counted by Only Two Companies they are Diebold and ES&S….. Do You Also know That The Vice-President of Diebold and the President of ES&S are Brothers….. The Same People that Said We Will Do What ever We Can To Deliver The Election To George W. Bush…..


Consider This


Sound Familiar? For those of you that don't remember This was the daily rhetoric we heard about Viet Nam.


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