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October 2004


One Bullet

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  10-4-2004

    I have just finished watching the documentary The Hunting Of The President. It is something that I find that I must now speak out on. It was a time that I remember well, and I could not for the life of me understand why nor what was happening. Our government was involving itself in places it had never been nor should have been. It dragged up all the outrage I had felt from the past toward the Right Wing Ultra Conservatives. I remember well when the call went out for President William Jefferson Clinton's impeachment. I called the Whitehouse and spoke my mind. I said that I was someone who was standing behind President Clinton. I could see that the only major issue he was guilty of was a personal matter between himself and his family. He was someone who cared for the country and the people in it. Bill Clinton was someone who came from humble beginnings and never forgot it nor did he forget the little people as he rose in government. Even as President he and Hillary still cared for the average citizen. He always fought the good fight for us, and I asked that he not resign as the news papers were asking, but to fight on again, just one more time for us the people, for an attack on  was an attack on us all. It was a fight that would be difficult, but I asked that he fight on just one more time for all of us who believed in him and what he stood for. The movie only confirms what I felt was happening then but did not know. It remained hidden just below the surface, whether the news media was practicing "lies of omission" then it's not clear. In this country than, there was a witch hunt going on. It was a return to McCarthyism. It was a news media that had run amuck being used as a tool for this dastardly deed. 

What I think is just as important as the movie is in the bonus features. President Clinton addressed the audience at the end of a private screening, for about 30 minutes. In it he describes in detail the struggles that our county is going through now and has in the past. It is described in the book that I found through Air America Radio it is called The Great Divide. He said that we are in the mists of another great power struggle again and we need to over come it once again, and we can if we all heed the call and work together. How we do that is to counteract the lies spread by the right wing, with truth. As corny as it may sound we cannot fight them with their deceitful tactics. We Fight them with truth as President Bill Clinton proved, that truth will win the day. It will not be an easy battle but it is one that has now been foisted on us all. He thanked  have new fighters like Move on.org and Air America Radio. We must use our new tools, the Internet to spread the word, and old ones, our voice. Think of the Kevin Costner's movie the Postman and the simple way he saved the day, was through communication. We must speak up. It has worked already, we spoke out loud and clear after the first Kerry, Bush debate, We would not accept nothing less than John Kerry a the winner and no mater how hard the right wing spin machine tried John Kerry Still won. We must speak out against the madness the lies and innuendos. We must once again learn to be proud that we are Americans and remember that "Freedom is not free" Many a man and woman died so that we can have freedom of speech, freedom to question, freedom to be who and what you want to be.

We are nearing a crossroad and it is this election. Why? There are several reasons but one of the most pressing is the replacement of one or more Supreme Court Judges, which can profoundly affect our laws and our nation. We must all take up the call to arms, not with guns but with words. We must fill the void that the news media has left. They once again have becoming a tool of the right wing, but this time instead of being vocal and outspoken and probing they choose to be silent, "the lie of omission". 

The Revolution has begun and it will continue with or without you. Complacency will only return us back to a time akin to the dark ages where there will be no progress forward. Where we will have someone else make moral decisions for us. What we need to remember is that we should be guided by our faith not governed by it. We will have more lies and deceit foisted upon us as this current administration has done. We will become more isolated in the world at a time when the world has gotten so small that you cannot be isolated.

 We all have one bullet, and it is our vote. So let us use it wisely to choose a brighter ever more expanding future.

Therefore I Vote For A Brighter Tomorrow

Therefore I Vote For A Stronger America

Therefore I Vote For A Free Tomorrow


By: William A. Peary 10-04-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


What's In A Word.

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  10-20-04

           Let me start with a definition and see if you think it is terribly wrong.

Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.

Now does that conjure up fear in your heart? Does that cause you to run and hide? It describes someone who is willing to expand one's mind. To use the phrase of today "To think outside of the box". To look at situations in a unconventional manner. To accept new and old ideas without prejudice. Think about it... It sound's like the type of thinking that our Founding Fathers used when framing our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  Is not that the basic principals that we are taught not only at home but in school? Don't all religions teach that bigotry is wrong? Next

Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.

Now just think about this sentence... It amazingly enough could describe The United States Of America. Think about how once our Nation was formed and how the American spirit could not be kept down. Think about all the advancements America gave to the world. There was the car, with the Henry Ford assembly line. The Airplane that revalorized travel, and later we were able to stand on the moon, and reach even further beyond to the stars. There was the Submarine, allowing us to now for the first time to travel under the oceans, the Steamship that freed us from waiting for tides and wind to embark on our destinations. Then Communications with the telegraph, and the telephone, conveying a idea or just a simple greeting to someone in seconds not days. The means of spreading not only information but entertainment with the radio and,  television. We created computers, the internet, and cell phones, not to mention the medical advancements, and the list goes on and on. How about that. Does that sound like the work of some evil force? Are you the kind of person that feels that you identify with any or all of those two sentences?

Would you be shocked to find out that those are just two of the meanings of a word that our right wing  political establishment has been slandering and vilifying for the last 30 years. Because of this word and what it means it is why we are here today, why we have advanced so far in such a short time.

The word you ask?


We train our military to be liberal. Just think about it. A unit is taught that you are only as strong as the weakest man, and the rest of the unit should help them. Because in helping them you help your unit survive.

What I find so amazing is that one of the largest group of people out there condemning the concept of a Liberal. They jeer in approval at Bush rallies when he accuses someone of being Liberal. Who are these people? They are the right wing Evangelical Christians. Isn't that amazing, Christians, whose foundation is formed on Liberalism. To love thy neighbor as you love thyself. Now George W. Bush and the Republican party throw the word "Liberal" around as if it was some filthy and disgusting word, that should evoke immediate hatred and disgust. Yet they claim to be God fearing men and women, not realizing that by condemning the concept of a Liberal they are spitting in the face of one that they say they hold near and dear. They are spitting in the face of God. Because just think Jesus fed the masses, taught the masses, and healed the sick. He practiced this with everyone and excluded no one. By that definition Jesus was a Liberal.  

By: William A. Peary 10-20-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


2004 Report Card For President George W. Bush .

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published  10-25-04

    Four years ago George W. Bush said and promised the country a lot of things. Unfortunately even before the votes were finished being counted he began to show his true colors. He dragged the Federal Supreme Court into the State of Florida's election process, going against what he just campaigned on that States should govern themselves. This was only a warning sign, that he could not be taken at his word.

He has spent all the surplus and blamed 9-11, and the war. That was not the reason he raided the "Lock Box" that he promised to have our Social Security in, it was his tax breaks he gave to all of , as he puts it "His Base".

As more of the truth is made public we find that this administration had plans all along to go after Iraq. In doing so they created a haven and a breeding ground for terrorist. Now a country that had no terrorists before, now has between 8,000 and 12,000. Just today it was released in the news that over 360 tons of explosives was missing from a supply depot in Iraq. Just think, with most all of our military force in Iraq with heavy weapons and Air support, and they can't stop the terrorist there and we feel safer with Bush here because WHY? By all his actions he has never listened to the people who knew the facts and tried to protect this country. He only reacts to situations after they happen. If this is protection we are in big trouble, for Mr. Bush protects us by closing the barn door after the horse has run away.

Mr. Bush always has a plan to benefit the working families in this country but some how he never has the time to either tell us what it is or to implement it, and for the plans he does create he some how forgets to fund them so in the end they never work. Funny though when it comes to tax breaks for "His Base" they are always fully funded, even if it means borrowing from our children's future to pay for it.

Now we are forced to endure even more attacks on other people just to support his failing presidency. This is a person who says he is a leader but somehow when ever anything goes wrong it is never his fault. It is always something or someone else is at fault. I for one am tired of that same old excuse. We have given Mr. Bush nearly 4 years to get it right or even close to right, but just as in his academic pursuits he is failing.  This time a "C" is not a grade to joke about. The presidency of the United States is not a place for on the job training, with a promise to some day get it right. Just as in his Air force career he has cost our government, which is us the taxpayers of this country a lot more than one and a half million dollars in flight training, then not showing up for duty.

Mr. Bush has cost us the respect of the world at large. We all know now that the reasons for war with Iraq were fabricated. Unfortunately half the country was and is "Resistant to Information". The world knew, that is why Mr. Bush cannot get other nations to join the collation. The fact is that Mr. Bush wants others to put up money, and troops, and just sit back while he and his Vice President turn Iraq into a money making venture. Their idea of sharing is they take the profits for themselves and "Their Base" and everyone else gets the bill. Unfortunately this corporate raid is causing a permanent  job loss by causing the death of thousands of people. For all the statistic's out there we never hear about how many innocent civilians are now dead, by our smart bombs, or how many people are dying a slow cancerous death by the depleted uranium we use in those smart bombs. 

It should give one pause to think for just one minute which is worse the sickness....or the cure. Maybe the the world was right and if the inspectors were given more time even those "Resistant to Information would have finally been able to see what the rest of the world had seen. Unfortunately this time Mr. Bush has gotten an even lower grade. This time Mr. Bush gets a "D". Fitting for he has done nothing but cause Division within this country. He and his party caused the Disenfranchisement of thousands of voters. He has caused Destruction on a global scale to our environment. He has caused Death of thousands of innocent lives, with absolutely no remorse. He Has Depleted our financial resources. His Delayed reactions to security after the fact making us less safe.

I think this is one student who should be left behind for he is not "Resistant to Information" he is in a state of Denial.


By: William A. Peary 10-25-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


Munchausen By Proxy

By: William A. Peary, Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com

Published 10-31-04

After having thought about why people say that George W. Bush makes them feel safer. I can only think of one rational reason. 

MUNCHAUSEN BY PROXY (MBP) (also called Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, and Factitious Disorder by Proxy) is a label for a pattern of behavior in which caretakers deliberately exaggerate and/or fabricate and/or induce physical and/or psychological-behavioral-mental health problems in others.

Exaggerate: The perpetrator deliberately embellishes a genuine problem.
Fabricate: The perpetrator deliberately makes up a problem story - OR makes it look as if a problem exists.
Induce: The perpetrator deliberately causes a problem to exist.  

First George W. Bush continues to embellish 911 and in a way that causes genuine fear. He than sends out other people in his administration to say that somehow it is your fault if you choose poorly. He then performs the healing ritual by raising the terror alert.

He gives you the Illusion of illness, and yes I do mean illusion. Bush and his administration  continues to re enforce the fear every so often by vague threats and ominous warnings.

The Real Cure is a two part and very simple.

By: William A. Peary 10-31-04

Founder and Editor Of Founding Freedoms.com


Thought Of The Day


10-04-04 Remember when Bush talks Listen Between The Lines.

10-08-04 The next time Bush says wrong war... wrong place....wrong time...... what kind of a message does that send our troops?....... just say. HELP IS ON THE WAY.

10-10-04 How Can You Expect To Lead This Country When You Have No Plan And You Continue To Use Fear And Duplicity As A Means To Govern.

10-17-04 If You're Pro-Life Then Vote For John Kerry The Life You Save Has Already Been Born!!!

10-22-04 Bush Keeps Saying , It's HARD WORK......... Let's Give Him A Break And Send Him Back To Texas In January.

10-27-04  Why Is It, That Anything Bush Does Wrong Is Never His Fault?...... Let's Not Give Him A Chance To Blame Us Next.......Vote For Kohn Kerry ! ! !



10-01-04 George W. Bush keeps saying that John Kerry cannot lead our country because he sends mixed messages. By that definition than Bush should resign now. First he is a war president than he wants to be a peace president. First we are safer with him as president than we have continual terror attack warnings. First we need to get Osama dead or alive than he doesn't think about him anymore. First he is opposed to Homeland security than he wants it. First when the Bush administration is asked if they told the appointed prime minister of Iraq what to say they said no now today they say well we sent over talking points, and prepared statements and helped coach him on what to say.

Oct-04-04 George W. Bush is at it again. When John Kerry made reference to a global test he quite clearly meant is a standard, as in the difference in shooting someone because you want to, or because there was no other option because they would shoot you. 

10-06-04  When George W. Bush tells you that when he gives a tax brake to the wealthy it is good for you, because they will go out and spend more money, which will give you jobs It makes no sense if you just stop and think about it for just one minute. If you already have more money than you can already spend what makes you think that rich are going to go out and spend more of when they can't spend fast enough already?  After all they are called rich because of the millions that they already have. Now if you put that money in the hands of the working class peoples they will certainty spend it. On paying bills or buying that new car, or buying their first home. That will give a much larger boost to the economy when millions of people spend money rather than hundreds. 10-06-04


John Kerry summed it up best in four words: more of the same. George Bush showed it in four syllables; des-per-a-tion. If there was any confusion about whether George Bush is honest with the American people, this speech confirms that he is not. This was a mulligan speech where the President tried to redo the debate from last week by giving a speech full of untruths he couldn’t say on stage with John Kerry because he knew Kerry would knock them down. George Bush needs to get real with the American people and start telling the truth.


-Bush claimed he has a plan for victory in Iraq, but Bush rushed to war without a plan; has no plan to win the peace. Kerry’s plan is a strategy to win.

-Bush claimed Kerry doesn’t understand post 9/11 world, but Bush took his eye off the war on terror and al-Qaeda.

-Bush got it wrong – Iraq is a terrorist haven NOW, while it was not before.

-Bush says problems with economy not his fault, but he hasn’t lived up to his own promises

-Bush says Kerry has supported higher taxes, but Kerry voted or cosponsored over 600 tax cuts, and Cheney supported higher taxes, including on Social Security.

-Bush attacked Kerry on the deficit, but Bush has taken us from a 5 trillion surplus to a $3 trillion deficit, and has no plan to pay for his trillions of promises.

-Bush attacked Kerry’s health care plan with a charge ABC has called not true.

-Bush claimed he’s tripled homeland security funding, but that is false.


BUSH: Bush Making Excuses on the Economy


-The Economy is 7 million jobs Short of Bush Administration Prediction. The economy needed to create more than 6 million jobs during the Bush administration just to keep up with population growth. In fact, the 2002 Economic Report of the President projected more than 6 million new jobs between January 2001 and August 2004. Instead, we have lost 900,000 jobs. As a result, we are more than 7 million jobs short of the prediction which President Bush made after 9/11, the tech bubble, and the recession. [BLS and Economic Report of the President, 2002. Note the Economic Report of the President projected an average of 138.3 million jobs in 2004. That corresponds to roughly 138.7 million jobs in August; the actual jobs total in August was 131.5 million.]

-Family Income Has Declined $1,535 Under President Bush. Under President Bush the typical family has seen its inflation-adjusted income decline by $1,535, based on the most recent data showing the change from 2000 to 2003. Under President Clinton the typical family saw its inflation-adjusted income rise by $5,489. [Census Bureau]

Source John Kerry Rapid response site,

Read More   10-06-04

10-01- 04 George W. Bush continues to say give us 4 more years to get the job done. America cannot afford 4 more years of record deficit spending. America cannot afford to give the bill for him and his party to our children. In effect tax them without representation. He continues to say that John Kerry will raise taxes and spend your money, while he just spends your money and mortgages America's Future. Yes make no mistake about it either he or someone else will finally have to raise your taxes to pay for George W. Bush's debt. He Claims to be Fiscally responsible but refuses to use the pay as you go rule which worked so well for President Clinton, who gave us record 3 trillion dollar surpluses that George W. Bush spent and more, giving us now a record 7 trillion dollar deficient. George W. Bush's idea of Pay Go, Is you pay and he'll spend and give some other generation the bill. Or better yet pay me and my rich friends and you go to hell if you disagree.    10-17-04

10-26-04 George W. Bush continues to say how we would be better protected with him but a look a the facts shows that homeland security is just another one of his under funded programs.

BUSH: "We’ve Tripled Funding For Homeland Security"

REALITY: Homeland Security Spending Did Not Come Close To Tripling Under Bush. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), “Gross budget authority for those functions in that year, excluding supplemental appropriations enacted immediately after September 11, totaled about $17 billion. Adding the supplemental appropriations raises that figure by almost $4 billion, bringing total funding for 2001 to $21 billion. The Congress and the President increased that amount to… an estimated $41 billion for 2004.” These CBO estimates are for the homeland security function, as defined by the Office of Management and Budget. The Bush administration’s own estimates show that the Department of Homeland Security itself did not even see its budget double: growing from $19.7 billion in FY 2001 to $36.5 billion in FY 2004. [CBO, “Federal Funding for Homeland Security,” 4/30/2004 and OMB, Budget FY 2005, page 178]  

Source: John Kerry   10-26-04

10-30-04  We continue to be told by George W. Bush that the economy is getting better and "we are turning the cornet" so why is it that unemployment claims last week were up by 20,000 claims? Why is it General motors is laying off 10,000 workers? Why is it retail stores said that they plan on hiring less workers for the upcoming holiday season? It seems that if you are an American and you need a job you better get a passport and start looking overseas to get one. 10-30-04



10-10-04    BUSH VS. REALITY - Clean Coal

BUSH CLAIMS: That's why I'm a big proponent of clean coal technology to make sure we can use coal but in a clean way.

REALITY: Bush Broke Promise on Clean Coal. Four years ago, George Bush promised voters that he would increase jobs and spend $2 billion over 10 years on clean coal technologies. But George Bush has simply walked away from that pledge. In the meantime many coal communities have lost jobs. In his proposed budget for next year, George Bush cuts basic coal research by 30%, cuts the funds available for the Clean Coal Power Initiative solicitation by 70%, and pays for his FutureGen initiative with funds raided from these and other Clean Coal programs. [The Herald Dispatch, 10/3/00; Department of Energy Budget Request, FY2002-FY2005]

10-17-04  George W. Bush claimed that he is a uniter not a divider. He also claimed he was a champion of states rights and that states should govern themselves. Than WHY.... of all topics and of all the important problems facing America WHY..... does he propose a Constructional Amendment to Ban Gay marriage. Is this a threat to our national security? Is this causing our jobs to go over seas? Is this the reason our medical insurance is so costly? I think NOT. So why bring it up in the first place. By doing so it becomes a issue to divide people on a issue and it takes away from states the right to govern themselves. 10-17-04

10-30-04  Why is it whenever George W. Bush talks about the war in Iraq, or talks about our country's security, of any important or serious subject George W. Bush find's it necessary to smile.  Why is it that Bush gets a free pass and most Bush supporters call it folksy. I for one have found that anytime anyone has done that, they have been using the smile to hide their dishonesty. 10-30-04

George W. Bush Is still saying that we are in a recovery and things are getting better all the time. Things may be truly getting better, but the question is for who? The New York  Times reported today that the Economic Index has slipped again for the 4th straight month. 

In a report on CPTV by Martha Raddatz, of ABC News  just returning from Iraq had this to say. She started off by saying "This may sound silly but, one of the things I noticed when I got to Iraq and I normally stay at the main military base there is that all the sand bags that have been there for a while that are bio degradable sand bags are biodegrading, we've been there a long, long time everything there is falling apart and we are having to restack the sand bags". Martha Raddatz also talked about something that I did not hear on network news. She referred to a poll from Iraq that showed that the US picked government might not fair so well, in the elections, and what do you do if a religious extremist government is picked so much for democracy and now what does the United States do. 10-22-04


First You Accuse John Kerry Of Lying and Spreading False Stories, BUT You Did Say It.

Now Do You Remember Saying Any Of This?  

You Always Accuse The Innocent Person What You Are Guilty Of, In This Case Lying.

Tell Us Just How Many Other Lies Have You Told The World?



Consider This

10-01-04 George W. Bush continues to say that 75 % of "known" Al-Qaida leaders have been brought to justice, and Osama bin Laden is "isolated. First How do we know that Osama is isolated if we do not know where he is. Second I am sure that Al-Qaida is just like any other organization and those vacant positions have been filled with new leaders, but Bush knows that, that is why he said "known". 

10-04-04 If The Bush administration is claiming to be our protector and that no one else can do better, than why are they always playing catch up. Homeland security was a Democratic proposal that was put forth prior to 911 but rejected by the Bush Administration. When John Ashcroft was offered more money to Homeland defense prior to 911 he refused it. When during the 2000 debates he claimed the out military was in shambles, this is the same military he is now using in Iraq with no changes or upgrades. If it was so bad than why did he rush to war with according to him such an ill equipped military. was he lying than at the debate or is he lying now when he says that we have the finest military in the world.

10-10-04 The original reason for going to war in Iraq was because "There is no doubt that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction". Than It became Saddam has a plan to reconstruct a weapons plan. It than became "Saddam is a gathering threat." The word gather ad defined in a dictionary means to accumulate (something) gradually, amass. To gain by process of gradually increase. To collect into one place. We must now look at how we and the ENTIRE government was mislead by Bush by duplicity according to the Duelfer Report. There were no weapons of mass destruction biological or Nuclear. In Fact Saddam's weapons program was in a state of decay. The shelf life of the biological weapons that we the United States gave him had expired long ago. If we continued to allow the weapons inspections to we would have found that out.... Maybe that is why the urgency to go to war. If they did continue the inspections we would have found out that there was no reason to attack Iraq. Thousands of people would still be alive today. It is quite clear that there was another reason for George W. Bush  wanting to attack Iraq just what it was we will probably never know, but it was the intent of George W. Bush from the moment he took office well before 911 as shown in Bob Woodward's book Plan of Attack. In fact he was so blinded with Iraq that he ignored CIA director George Tenet explicit warning about the immediate threat of bin Laden  10-10-04

10-17-04 George W. Bush still continues to tell you that his tax cut has helped American people, but the job market and consumer confidence is still bad. Why? My opinion for one, as I stated in my article on misleading, giving more money to someone who already can't spend money fast enough of is not going to entice them to go out and spend more. Second after cutting taxes the federal government took in less money which, means that when it came time for federal dollars to be sent back to the states. The Federal government had less money to give back to the states, which in turn translated into a State funding shortfall. So How did the states solve that problem? You guessed it State taxes went up and in most cases the amount that you now pay  taxes on property and sales tax increased was by far higher than the amount of federal tax cut you received. Kind of like the rebate check you received in July only to find out it was a loan advanced on your end of year tax. Oh! you didn't know. Look on your tax form from last year and you will find a new line at the next to last line. It says please add the amount of the rebate check sent to you in July and either subtract it from you refund for this year or add it back to the amount you owe. Some Rebate! I call it a no interest loan with a surprise. 10-17-04

Remember when Bush talks  Listen Between The Lines.

10-30-04 There are now over 100,000 civilians killed in Iraq according to a an article in the New York Times. The majority of them was killed by air strikes. Is it any wonder why the Iraqi people are increasingly more and more hostel. Is it any wonder why the resentment to our presence is increasing? Is it any wonder why the world is growing to distrust us? They are killing our troops because we are killing their civilians. Than the more civilians that are killed the more so called insurgents are formed. I think the word insurgents is not a proper word. I think that there are now more fighters that are Iraqi people.  People who are tired of their innocent friends, neighbors family, and children benign killed in Bombing raids. People who would rather die fighting our troops rather than wait for a bomb to kill them. What we now have is not much different from a Mob war. First you hit us, so we have to hit you, so you have to hit us, and on. and on, and on,  10-30-04


A Heart Felt letter From A Viet Nam Era Veteran

Hi....I just wanted to express my feelings about your great website. It is truly a wonderful site and is always interesting. It tells more truths than Bush could ever tell! This great country of ours is changing.....and under Bush's leadership it is getting worse and worse. I am a Veteran...granted I was not in Viet Nam, but I am a Veteran....and I stand behind and WILL vote for the Kerry / Edwards Team!  What the Bush "cronies" are doing to John Kerry is absolutely disgusting. He is a decorated Veteran with numerous medals that they say "are not warranted". If this was true, why did he get them? Does anyone really think they give out medals like MRE"s? (Meals Ready to Eat rations) And why now approx 30 years after he received them? And I am ashamed of my fellow veterans who will lie and cheat to dis-honor a true Veteran, yet honor and back a Veteran who had his daddy get him in a "Champagne" Guard Unit, disobey orders by not showing up for drills, and lose his flight status because he wouldn't go for his physical as mandated by the unit and his superiors. What was he afraid of...was he back on the sauce???  It's just another Republican scam, right up there with Halliburton, tax breaks for the rich, record high gas prices, record Medicare cost increases, Iraq, record deficits, Social Security problems, record poverty levels, American jobs going overseas because of the Bush tax Breaks, and all the other messes created by George Bush...need I go on? And what was the most Un-American, most disgusting, most disgraceful thing anyone could do to any Veteran? It was when the Bush supporters showed at one of their gatherings with Band-Aids with Purple Hearts painted on them. Don't they realize this is a slap in the face to ANY Veteran with a purple heart? Or don't they care who they trash as long as they make a point which is another lie! I am most disappointed in the Veterans Of Foreign Wars who are supposedly backing Bush. This goes beyond my comprehension. I am beginning to be ashamed to be a US Veteran. And Bush states we are safer now? When was the last time you saw the New York Police walking around with flack jackets on and Assault Weapons in the streets on NY? I grew up there and NEVER witnessed that until this year. And we not allowed to get our drugs from Canada, yet this country doesn't even have enough Flu Shots to go around again this year. How many American's will die form the Flu this year. Oh yea...I am also from Florida...(The BUSHWACKED State) where Bush and his brother Governor Jeb (Or Governor DUH as he is known around here) stole the election from Gore in 2000. No one can change my mind about that fiasco...I was there and I saw it happening. And here's some BREAKING NEWS.....Today, Oct 19, 2004, Mr. Bush was in "The Villages" today...a very large retirement community in North Central Florida. There were some Kerry Supporters there on public property and some were walking wearing Kerry / Edwards pins, and some were riding in a golf cart with Kerry / Edwards posters and bumper stickers on it. The Police there escorted them off the premises even though they were not causing a disturbance and were on public property and were residents on "The Villages". I guess the Republicans there can't take the heat. As one of the citizens that was told to leave stated, "Not everyone in The Villages is for Bush." Another founding freedom taken away from regular Americans by this supposed "Democracy" George Bush wants to bring to the rest of the world. I'll close by saying lets Defeat Bush again in 2004.....maybe this time they won't be able to lie, cheat and steal their way into the White House again. And keep up the great work here....I support and Thank you....Americans need it....spread the word and lets get America back to where it should be!
Signed,  Mike....A Worried American Veteran.    


Founding Freedoms Wants To Thank You For Your Service To Our Country.


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