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September 2004

Thought Of The Day

09- 27- 04 You Need To Slant The Polls As Gallop Does, In Favor Of George W. Bush So When The Diebold Voting Machines "Deliver" A Win In Favor Of George W. Bush It Won't Surprise Anyone. See Add In NY Times



09- 29- 04 GOVERNOR GEORGE BUSH AT THE 2000 DEBATES: "Half the surplus is gonna go for Social Security reform and to pay down debt. One quarter is gonna go for new programs that are needed. But I think it's fair, and I think it's right, that one quarter go back to the hard working Americans who pay the bills".

When George W. Bush took the office there was a 3 Trillion Dollar Surplus We now have a 5 TRILLION dollar deficit. what that translates into is this. That the share that  the average family of 4 share of the defect would have been $500 by the year 2008. It is now $86,000.00. Is this the Fiscal responsibility that George W. Bush promised us during the 2000 election???

09- 28- 04 Example he creates the Healthy forest initiative, which by it's name any person would assume it means to help preserve forest, but it does not. It allows for logging roads to be built and clear cutting sections of forest under the pretense to stop forest firers. Of course it will stop forest firers there are no forest left to burn because you cut them down.   See  http://www.sierraclub.org/forests/fires/healthyforests_initiative.asp



09-29-04 During the debated of 2000 George W. Bush said that he felt that states should decide for themselves on how to govern themselves, and that the federal government should not interfere. When faced with loosing the presidential election he immediately runs to the federal supreme court to interfere with Florida states rights to count the votes.  They stop the counting process till they decide if the should be involved or not  They effectively run out the clock, as their decision handed down says that they should not be involved, but oops it's too late now to keep counting.

09-28-04 Of  Osama bin Laden, "I want justice," Bush said. "And there's an old poster out West, I recall, that says, 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.' Several months later he says Frankly I don't think that much about him any more.


Consider This

09- 29- 04 During the 2000 election there was a lot of talk going around that there were several Supreme Court judges that would most likely be stepping down. None did. YET. Did any one ever wonder Why? Let me venture a guess. After the Supreme Court effectively decided the election their creditability was very much in jeopardy. If any of them stepped down now after interfering in the Florida recount and allowing George W. Bush to replace them in the eyes of the world our national creditability standing in the worlds was very much at stake. We were only one appointment away from a banana republic. Now Fast forward to 2004 if George W. Bust is some how elected "fairly using Diebold voting machines" than who is to say that George W. Bush can't return a past favor now?

09- 28- 04  When one of our navy ships was attacked, with no prior warning the cry from the right went out for President Bill Clintons head. Why? I presume because he was the President in office at the time. So what is so different now. We get attacked on 911 and President George W. Bush was even warned several times of an imminent attack. As Richard Clarke stated that the entire warning system was flashing red and we Praised him? We feel safer with him? How? Why?

 Don't you see the enormous disconnect in the thinking?


  Carry Or Wear The Constitution Where Ever You Go



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