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2004 Letters

A Heart Felt letter From A Viet Nam Era Veteran

Hi....I just wanted to express my feelings about your great website. It is truly a wonderful site and is always interesting. It tells more truths than Bush could ever tell! This great country of ours is changing.....and under Bush's leadership it is getting worse and worse. I am a Veteran...granted I was not in Viet Nam, but I am a Veteran....and I stand behind and WILL vote for the Kerry / Edwards Team!  What the Bush "cronies" are doing to John Kerry is absolutely disgusting. He is a decorated Veteran with numerous medals that they say "are not warranted". If this was true, why did he get them? Does anyone really think they give out medals like MRE"s? (Meals Ready to Eat rations) And why now approx 30 years after he received them? And I am ashamed of my fellow veterans who will lie and cheat to dis-honor a true Veteran, yet honor and back a Veteran who had his daddy get him in a "Champagne" Guard Unit, disobey orders by not showing up for drills, and lose his flight status because he wouldn't go for his physical as mandated by the unit and his superiors. What was he afraid of...was he back on the sauce???  It's just another Republican scam, right up there with Halliburton, tax breaks for the rich, record high gas prices, record Medicare cost increases, Iraq, record deficits, Social Security problems, record poverty levels, American jobs going overseas because of the Bush tax Breaks, and all the other messes created by George Bush...need I go on? And what was the most Un-American, most disgusting, most disgraceful thing anyone could do to any Veteran? It was when the Bush supporters showed at one of their gatherings with Band-Aids with Purple Hearts painted on them. Don't they realize this is a slap in the face to ANY Veteran with a purple heart? Or don't they care who they trash as long as they make a point which is another lie! I am most disappointed in the Veterans Of Foreign Wars who are supposedly backing Bush. This goes beyond my comprehension. I am beginning to be ashamed to be a US Veteran. And Bush states we are safer now? When was the last time you saw the New York Police walking around with flack jackets on and Assault Weapons in the streets on NY? I grew up there and NEVER witnessed that until this year. And we not allowed to get our drugs from Canada, yet this country doesn't even have enough Flu Shots to go around again this year. How many American's will die form the Flu this year. Oh yea...I am also from Florida...(The BUSHWACKED State) where Bush and his brother Governor Jeb (Or Governor DUH as he is known around here) stole the election from Gore in 2000. No one can change my mind about that fiasco...I was there and I saw it happening. And here's some BREAKING NEWS.....Today, Oct 19, 2004, Mr. Bush was in "The Villages" today...a very large retirement community in North Central Florida. There were some Kerry Supporters there on public property and some were walking wearing Kerry / Edwards pins, and some were riding in a golf cart with Kerry / Edwards posters and bumper stickers on it. The Police there escorted them off the premises even though they were not causing a disturbance and were on public property and were residents on "The Villages". I guess the Republicans there can't take the heat. As one of the citizens that was told to leave stated, "Not everyone in The Villages is for Bush." Another founding freedom taken away from regular Americans by this supposed "Democracy" George Bush wants to bring to the rest of the world. I'll close by saying lets Defeat Bush again in 2004.....maybe this time they won't be able to lie, cheat and steal their way into the White House again. And keep up the great work here....I support and Thank you....Americans need it....spread the word and lets get America back to where it should be!
Signed,  Mike....A Worried American Veteran.    


Founding Freedoms Wants To Thank You For Your Service To Our Country.


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